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lightmans 09-20-11 10:54 AM

Problem with GTS450, check this an help!
Hello together,

Since one 9 months i got a strange problem with my graphiccard.
I got a ASUS GTS450 Nvidia GraphicCard in a Windows7 x64 Box with 4GB Ram, and AMD CPU x2 6000+. With one DVD writer and two Harddisks, and four fans for cooling. Thats all...

My problem:
Very often i got an Nvidia Driver Error Message, while playing an 3d game and switching from a Game to a another application like internet explorer or Explorer or what ever.

The screen make some rainbow colors very fast for one second, and inmideatly goes the screen black while switching from app to game for 2 or 3 seconds, then i see the windows structure comes back and redraw the windowsborder and game. And then i can continue work with the app or with the game. This happens very often sporadicaly while playing or switching from app to app.

The strange thing is, that are Days where i dont get this errormessage all the day.

The Errormessage says that there was a problem with the nvidia driver, and the nvidia driver has been reseted. (i got a german OS and i tried it to translate :) )

I got this is error since i buyed this graphic card new in a noraml PCshop.

So i did the following: I spoken with the ASUS Nvidia Support and they told me that is possible that the graphic card did not get enough power from the powersupply, because my old powersupply for the above system was 450W. So i go to a shop and i buyed a new 550W Powersupply. -> but the problem still there. :(

Then i spoke again with the Asus support and they told me that its also possible that my Motherboard has only pci express 1.1 Slots and the error could come from the motherboard. So i go again to a shop and buyed a new Motherboard with pci express 2.0 Slots and SLI support. -> but the problem still there. :(

Then i spoken with the PCshop where i buyed the graphic card and i open a RMA, and i gave back my nvidia graphiccard to the shop to send it back and repair it. After one month i got back my repaired graphic card back, and for two or three months the problem was gone.

Now the problem is again there, and i can not understand why. :(
In the repair paper they wrote, that the repair center only updated the nvidia bios of the graphiccard.

I dont do any overclocking or experiments with my drivers or graphiccard.
I got only my windows7 os and office 2007 and one game installed (eve-online) and some other small applications like firefox and messenger and ofcourse the actual and original nvidia drivers 280.26 etc.

Can somebody pls help me and tell from where this error comes?
or what i can do to fix it my own?
or is the Graphiccard broken and the support bad :) ?

What should i do?

i thx in advance for replying me in this issue!

EciDemon 09-20-11 05:04 PM

Re: Problem with GTS450, check this an help!
well some people with the 5xx series cards have experienced similar problems and it was due to voltage to gpu being too low. You could try msi afterburner or similar app and raise the voltage one notch.

lightmans 09-21-11 01:11 PM

Re: Problem with GTS450, check this an help!
OK thx for the answer!!!

i directly downloaded the msi afterburner tool and i saw that voltage was on 1113mv =1.113v
i looked into diferent forums in the internet and i saw that i can set the voltage for this card up to 1.162v

are 1.165v ok? is this normal?
are 1.113v normal for my graphic card?

Its a ASUS GTS450 DirectCU Top (with 950mhz gpu)
Display device : GeForce GTS 450 on GF106 GPU
Display driver : ForceWare 280.26

at the moment seems to be all stable...
but i need to test this some days to be sure...

thx in advance for replying me in this issue!

EciDemon 09-22-11 06:24 PM

Re: Problem with GTS450, check this an help!
well you do not want to take the card up to max voltage, just one notch above stock bios voltage and extended play testing to determine if it helped.

Is that btw stock voltage as in same as reference design?
I noticed on my second gtx560ti the bios voltage was lower then the previous card even though its same asus card.

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