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musman 09-24-11 10:37 AM

My New Speakers
I picked these up from a friend 3 days ago. The are the Tang Band D4-1, single driver, rear loaded horn speaker kit. Paid $200 for the pair. I have another single driver speaker that were custom built from a friend. they are based on the Moth Audio Cicada speaker (http://mothmuseum.com/mothaudio/speaker2.htm. however unlike these new ones they are not a rear loaded horn. I'm trying to get use to them. They lack the upper treble due to the small driver an lack of a whizzer cone. These do go surprisingly low in the room I have them in. They are actually designed to be on the floor but I found better results on some stands and placed directly against the back wall.

So far, I found these good with small scale Jazz ( alot of what I listen too) and vocals. They seem to struggle with complex music like large orchestral, hard rock...ect. I need to spend some more time with placement and equipment. The amp I am using using is a rebuilt Dynaco Stereo 70 tube amp, Quicksilver Audio Line Stage (pre-amp) also tube, Linn Axis turntable with a Grado PH-1 phone stage, Adcom GCD-750 CD player.

I have a pair of Grommes LJ6 tube monoblocks from around 1958 (modded) that I want to try. And maybe even my 150Wpc Krell solid state amp.

Sorry for the crappy photos, wanted to share my new toy. :D

link to the new speakers http://diyaudioprojects.com/Speakers...n-Speaker-Kit/





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