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Vanzagar 09-28-11 10:57 PM

GTA4 mods
Can someone recommend me some good GTA4 mods to try (stable please)...

I'm downloading iCEnchncer 1.3 now, any other good mods?



Vanzagar 09-28-11 11:53 PM

Re: GTA4 mods
ughh, this is what the iCEnchncer 1.3 mod looks like for me:


Roliath 09-29-11 12:01 AM

Re: GTA4 mods
Icehancer 1.3 sucks imo, night isn't night anymore.
1.2.5 was way better. I've already rolled back.

as far as mods go, you need minimum Better City Textures. It does more for the game than icehancer does imo, since it increases the quality of the textures tenfold.

Destroy 01-03-12 09:10 AM

Re: GTA4 mods
Love the PC for mods.

no intro videos
xliveless - for no social club and no Live needed
first person view mod
hd road textures by dkt70
bullettime mod
enhanced blood 1.6 mod
tree mod - I forget name
tons of new cars
tons of enb 'coloring'

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