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Sonorpearl 10-02-11 12:02 PM

Nvidia Driver 275.28
Hello there,

I am using a Debian(64-Bit) 6 Testing System with Stable Security Updates and GNOME. After trying my GT 9800 GT Driver get run. Heavy Lags appear with some Flash programms, Mumble and other Applications. First I thought that it could be my Hardware. But before my xserver upgraded from 10.4 to ABI 11 (xorg-server 1.11) everything ran fine. After it I had to downgrade the Nvidia-Driver to Version 275.28 any else Version wonīt work. The problem comes from this NVIDIA Driver 275.28 without any NVIDIA-Driver only the System one, everything works fine but a little bit Slower. Also if I only try to change to an other application one CPU (3,2 GHz from 4) is on 100%. Trying to watch a Video on Youtube one CPU 100%. Only when I have this Driver. I canīt upgrade to 10.4 Version of the xorg-Server because of some important Bugfixes in the 11 Version, which I need. So I hope that a new Version of the 285.03 get out for ABI 11. Any Release Date or Ideas to help me?

With friendly Regards

PS: I am German, sorry for my bad English. :-)

Phil M 10-02-11 12:40 PM

Re: Nvidia Driver 275.28
I'm seeing what I believe are similar problems. I run 64-bit Debian Sid (unstable). The package maintainers switched from Nvidia driver version 280.13 to 275.28 to match the upgraded xserver-xorg-core ABI bump from 1.10 to 1.11. After I upgraded the Xorg and Nvidia driver packages, my Gnome desktop became horrendously slow. Even just switching window focus acquired a very noticeable delay. When I looked at top, the CPU didn't seems to be particularly active, and I didn't see any outlandish or rapidly-growing memory usage (no where near hitting swap).

I've since downgraded the relevant Nvidia driver packages, using the IgnoreABI option to allow it to run against the newer xserver-xorg-core. For a few minutes, the responsiveness seemed almost back to normal, but it degraded pretty quickly. I'm going to try downgrading the xorg package to see if I can return to normal conditions.

Sonorpearl 10-02-11 01:00 PM

Re: Nvidia Driver 275.28
I just looked through some other Threads and it seems that many other Users have the same problem. Let see and wait for a possible Fix or an answer by any Teammember of Nvidia.

ledoc 10-02-11 02:08 PM

Re: Nvidia Driver 275.28
I'd suggest downgrading xorg. I never upgraded in the first place (also on amd64 sid) and also held nvidia at 280.13 and have no problems with that combination. It also doesn't affect too many dependencies (yet).

It's always a good idea to be a bit careful with new xorg versions and not just willy-nilly update everything that lands in the repository.

Sonorpearl 10-02-11 03:16 PM

Re: Nvidia Driver 275.28
Hello ledoc,

if you read my post carefully, you should now that I need the Bugfixes from 10.4 to 11. For some Programms and my customized GNOME.

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