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Ninjaman09 10-03-11 10:39 AM

Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread

T-minus 13 hours till I pick up my copy and I wanted to get a feedback thread started. I haven't been this excited for a game release since Ocarina of Time! So check out some of this info if you are still unaware of this masterpiece of dark fantasy action!

Early reviews (actually well written, even IGN I swear):

Eurogamer: 9/10 - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...k-souls-review
IGN: 9/10 - http://ps3.ign.com/articles/119/1197278p1.html
Gamespot: 9.5/10 - http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/dark-souls/review.html

Great gameplay video preview (watch the series!) with commentary and minor spoilers:

Check out this great Giantbomb Quick Look which is geared towards people who haven't played Demon's Souls:

The game contains a faction system which provides you with benefits depending on how you wish to play. For example, there is a covenant that is analogous to a police force (Darkmoon Knights) which has a "Book of the Guilty" containing the PSN or XBox Live IDs of players who have broken their own covenants. You go out bounty hunting. The Gravelord Servants can summon deadly Black Phantom monsters into a number of players' worlds, but leave a mark that, if found, allows their victims to invade en masse and kill the summoner. The covenants can even alter the shape of your body, causing you to become a skeleton, a humanoid dragon, or even sprout a flytrap-like growth which replaces your head. Covenants, along with the new Humanity system (which I'm still not clear on), replace the World and Character Tendency system from Demon's Souls. I wasn't very fond of that system to begin with so this is a welcome change in my book.

The combat and multiplayer systems return in a refined format. I'll wait to comment on them until I get the game, but from what I've seen on streams it is going to be very fun.

If you have not played Demon's Souls and are intimidated by the supposed difficulty of these games, do not be! The difficulty lies mainly in being patient, observing your surroundings, and using your resources effectively. Many people approach these as if they are hack n' slash action games, which they are not. They are difficult but not unfair. If you die it is because you made a mistake which you can correct. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of room for skill. Fights will require you to dodge and outmaneuver your enemies to kill them efficiently (I.E., without having to heal after each encounter) which requires precise timing and attentiveness. PvP combat can be even more demanding if your opponent is well equipped and has a deadly build.

The Playstation 3 version of the game is the primary development platform and the 360 version is a port with highly compressed graphics and sound. If you're on the fence between the two, I'd go with the PS3. The multiplayer matching is not region-bound so it is possible to play with players in Europe and Asia, at least on PSN.

I'll be sure to update the thread with initial impressions as I go. It is worth noting that the localization will be done by Namco-Bandai rather than Atlus this time around, so expect spelling errors and poor translation in the menus. The dialog, however, was recorded in English on the Japanese version so that will at least make sense.

ElL33t 10-03-11 03:43 PM

Re: Dark Souls Feedback!
This game will be as fun and frustrating as the first one. I can't wait.

Bah! 10-03-11 10:08 PM

Re: Dark Souls Feedback!
This will undoubtedly be my Game of the Year, I can't wait until it arrives.

Ninjaman09 10-03-11 10:17 PM

Re: Dark Souls Feedback!
Going to pick it up in about 15 minutes. I'll be sure to give my impressions before I go to bed.

ViN86 10-03-11 10:40 PM

Re: Dark Souls Feedback!
Stickied. :)

ElL33t 10-04-11 12:10 AM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
The only thing I didn't like about Demon Souls is the world was so empty. I know that is the feeling they wanted to show but it did bother me. I felt so alone.... I need a hug....


ViN86 10-04-11 07:54 AM

Re: Dark Souls Feedback!

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 (Post 2487241)
Going to pick it up in about 15 minutes. I'll be sure to give my impressions before I go to bed.

Did you go to bed last night? :D

Ninjaman09 10-04-11 07:54 AM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
OK I was too tired to write up my initial impressions last night so here goes:

- The game is surprisingly better looking than Demon's Souls. I have seen videos, etc. but seeing it in action is very impressive. The sound is absolutely incredible.

- The controls feel more responsive. Dodging/rolling is not a binary <1/2 equip burden anymore, it seems to scale linearly. I believe higher Dexterity allows faster rolling with lower recovery as well. To compensate, heavy armor removes "flinching" from many attacks and provides hefty damage reduction. This is a big change in my opinion because in Demon's Souls I found it easier to wear as little armor as possible to stay mobile and reduce stamina penalties.

- I have yet to encounter upgrade stones but from what I can tell there are no longer "Crushing/Sticky/Quality" etc. weapon upgrades. From the wikis, several weapons require very large investments (50+) in a particular offensive stat like Strength or Dexterity, so making a hybrid may not be viable in high level play.

- Level layout is great so far with plenty of hidden treasure and sneaky almost-unnoticeable ambushes. Watch corners closely and if a monster looks too tough to beat, it probably is! Excluding bosses. I have only seen the tutorial boss and the Taurus demon so far, but they are extremely easy.

- There are inaccessible areas which you would need to return to later once you become more powerful / gain access by obtaining keys. A sort of metroid-lite exploration system.

- This game is harder than Demon's Souls. It's not just that I haven't played it before. Even on my fifth or sixth time trying to progress through a level I still had a rough time because even the standard enemies are quite dangerous. Not unreasonable though - just watch their attack patterns. Also I tend to go for a lot of ripostes which I do not recommend on your first time through until you have telecasts and timing mastered. Your enemies also heal themselves, though while doing so they are as vulnerable as you.

- The Humanity system seems to be a currency which allows you to return to Human form after becoming Hollowed (essentially soul form without the drawbacks, as far as I can tell) as well as allowing you to Kindle at a bonfire which increases your Estus Flask swigs. You can't Kindle a fire unless you are in human form. It seems that once a bonfire is kindled, it always provides bonus flasks when you rest at that particular one. This is very helpful since certain stages are very long and 5 flasks really don't cut it.

- Speaking of Humanity, you gain it from killing bosses and finding it on corpses. Again I do not know what the difference between being hollowed and human is from a practical standpoint but I believe it has to do with the multiplayer aspect of the game. I do know that Black Phantoms cannot indiscriminately invade other games; it is all based on the covenant system. It may be that only Hollowed characters can leave soul signs for cooperative play, but I haven't checked yet.

I'm considering restarting the game with a more flexible starting character. The game doesn't just dump a load of souls on you early on like Demon's Souls did and you can't hit Slvl 30+ within 30 minutes. I probably played about 2 hours and finished a few sections but it's tough stuff. Still it was incredibly fun and I never really got frustrated. If I sat all day playing it I probably would get a little on edge. Speaking of which I'm about to go do that - back later with more!

ViN86 10-04-11 08:04 AM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
Awesome. What's the world system like? Is it something similar to the Nexus, a kind of central hub with access to different worlds? Or is it more linear (doubtful)?

Mr. Hunt 10-04-11 09:16 AM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
There is no hub... they drop you onto the side of a mountain after the tutorial and just tell you to go find the bells, basically. Up to you which way you want to go. Really great game, but also very frustrating lol. So rewarding, though.

Ninjaman09 10-04-11 01:15 PM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
The first fire you are dropped at after the tutorial sort of acts as a hub. As you progress through the areas, you will be able to open various shortcuts to get back to it. I've gone through about 4 bosses so far and I definitely should have done them in a different order. Did the two gargoyles at the top of the tower at soul level 10 and got my ass handed to me quite a few times before downing them. The world is wide open though; anything you can see, you can walk to.

By the way as far as I can tell Humanity is used to return to life after becoming hollowed (dying) and to kindle bonfires which lets that particular fire refill 5 more Estus Flasks per kindling. Try and use humanity sparingly; I've only kindled Firestone Shrine (the first one) and it seems to be working out well. You can actually loot items that give humanity and they also act as recovery items so if you're out of flasks and a boss is almost down they can be useful clutch heals.

You can drop a soul sign while alive or hollowed so co-op appears to be a way to farm souls and get extra humanity from boss kills. edit: Forgot this part - you can't summon for co-op if you're hollowed. I also read that being alive increases resistances to status ailments (this is a big deal because recovery items are scarce and status effects are very bad).

This game is harder than Demon's Souls but not by a lot; the biggest difference is that you can wander into an area you're far underleveled for and get slaughtered, but it's not really a big deal. Extremely fun but I need a break for a bit!

Oh and an extra tip for enemies with long tails - you can usually attack and remove the tails for special items. Try this on the gargoyles and the red dragon that sits across the bridge after the Taurus demon. You'll have to get underneath the bridge and shoot the dragon's tail with about 50-60 arrows, but it's worth it - you get a really good 1 handed sword. It doesn't scale with stats but it is a great starter weapon. Wish I had it for the gargoyles..ugh so many deaths.

|MaguS| 10-04-11 02:35 PM

Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***
Damit! I HATE YOU! I will have to get the game now...

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