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Ghosthunter 10-05-11 02:13 PM

Team Bondi shutting down

I guess we all see this coming.

Viral 10-05-11 08:03 PM

Re: Team Bondi shutting down
L.A Noire is still coming to PC though, right? They should have done that in the first place...

crainger 10-06-11 12:11 AM

Re: Team Bondi shutting down
LA Noire is still coming in November. I know a few guys who went through the grinder there, it was pretty bad, but not that different from other AU based studios under the heel from offshore publishers.

FastRedPonyCar 10-06-11 11:40 AM

Re: Team Bondi shutting down
that's a shame considering that I think they pretty much revolutionized and established the new standard of what facial animation in a video game should look/behave like.

crainger 10-07-11 12:15 AM

Re: Team Bondi shutting down
Yeah, but I'm guessing that tech will be sold off and I hope picked up and seen in more games. It is quite a jolt to go from LA Noire, to a game like Dues Ex: HR. An awesome game, but such stiff characters.

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