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linuxopfer 08-20-03 07:13 AM

Suse 8.2 Kde 3.1.3 newest Nvidia Drivers
Hi there !

Is there any way to tune the Nvidiadrivers for linux ?
I only got 20 FPS with enemy Territory an no activated features. This couldnt be normal.
Are there any config files oder performancetools to
get this MX 400 running like an MX 400 or do i have ti throw this damn *44+3! to thrash ?



mik 08-20-03 01:47 PM

okay, i'm a newb, but i'll take a stab at this.

i use suse 8.2 too (my fav distro), and what I found is that although running the installer installs the drivers, the drivers don't get used until you enable them in the xf86config file.

try changing the 'nv' to 'nvidia' to enable the drivers and then you ought to have normal 3d acceleration as it sounds that you are not getting 3d acceleration of any kind beyond base performance with default suse install.

if you have already done that and this doesn't help, my appologies for wasting your time.

energyman76b 08-21-03 09:00 PM

if your X is configured correctly (check /var/log/XF86.0.log) try lowerind Depht to 16 bit or use nvclock to oc your card

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