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rnsnn3d 10-09-11 05:33 AM

nvtray memory consumption
nvtray.exe is using about 700MB of memory.

Is it normal? because if it is I think I'll just disable it.

crainger 10-09-11 10:32 PM

Re: nvtray memory consumption
NVTray? It hasn't been updated since 2005 correct? Probably just disable/uninstall it.

rehderio 10-11-11 07:03 PM

Re: nvtray memory consumption
So why does it come with the nvidia driver and is enabled by default?
and how do you disable it? can I just delete the exe?
what does it do anyway?

EciDemon 10-20-11 06:26 AM

Re: nvtray memory consumption
No that is not normal, it should take up around 512kb or so.
I've not noticed any memory leaks in my system but you can safely disable it from nvidia control panel

I keep mine enable to get notified of new drivers and beta drivers.

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