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luudee 10-10-11 05:53 AM

Quad Monitors ??? HOW ???
Hi All,

I would like to connect 4 32" monitors to my system (each monitor
has a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels).

The key is that I would like to have a single desktop.

Right now I have two GTX580 cards, which allow me to create a
single desktop with the Xinerama extension only. That pretty much

I looked at the "Quadro" boards and their specs are confusing as
hell. Can I connect 4 30" monitors to them and get a single desktop ?

Any other suggestions ?

I am running Fedora 14, but could switch to CentOs or may be even
a different distro. Performance is not an important issue, mostly text
and static graphics ...


PS: The monitors are DELL U3011 with Dual DVI and display port interfaces.
My motherboard has two dual width PCIE 2 x16 slots available for video cards.

JaXXoN 10-10-11 08:13 AM

Re: Quad Monitors ??? HOW ???

For 4x 2560x1600 LCDs, Quadro cards are probably the only solution for you:
for Quadro card, the nvidia driver provides "SLI-Mosaic" which combines the
GPUs on driver level. This is somewhat similar to what Xinerama does, but
hidden in the driver so that there shouldn't be any issue concerning compositing,
etc.. However, I have no practical experience with Quadro cards, so It would
be nice if somebody with a dual Quadro setup could comment to be sure.



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