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bale 08-20-03 10:05 AM

Need help with my GeForce4 MX440
I am mostly using Windows XP, and I have recently installed Red Hat 7.2 on my PC, but no way to start XWindows (everything works fine with runlevel 3).
I understood the problem is that my NVidia Geforce4 MX440 is not supported by my OS.
Can you please tell me what I shall do: if I am not wrong I have to install a new driver, but which one? where can I download it?
Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but I am not expert with Linux....

energyman76b 08-20-03 05:45 PM


go to www.nvidia.com

click through until linux-drivers.

read the README

do, what is told there.

read the README again

correct your errors


restart your Xlogin (in your Distris Doku, read it)

sdlfk 08-20-03 06:52 PM

I had this same problem but at the time I was using a GeForce 2. The problem is that the version of XFree86 that is included with RedHat 7 is that it doesn't support Nvidia graphic cards. Go download the newest version at www.xfree86.org


This should fix your problem because 4.3 comes with a generic driver for Nvidia chipsets.

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