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NickSpolec 08-20-03 10:08 AM

Who cares what you're listening to
Maybe I am the only one, but I find that little "Listening to..." thing at the end of the news posts now both annoying and loathesome.

I detest it.

It's flat out idiotic and arrogant. It's like, "Look at me, ain't I special?"

I mean, who gives a rat's ass what you're listening to? Not me.

It's worthless drivel.

Who came up with this idea originally?


Whoever they are, they should be shot.

The Baron 08-20-03 10:18 AM

Whoa there, Tiger. It's not like it's


It's one line at the end. Yeah, it's pretty annoying and unnecessary, but it's not the end of the world. He's only done it on a few news posts; give him a break.

(He also posts more news than anyone else on the Internet, period. That should count for something. ;) )

NickSpolec 08-20-03 10:38 AM

Whatchu talkin' about? He's done it on every new post he's made recently. On the main page, I count every post he has done, except one, with it.

It's already started a fire that won't stop.. MaxPower has started to copy him by doing it too. Every MaxPower post on the main page also has it. I counted 12 out of 14 posts with the "Listening to..." included.

Now, everyone will start doing it, because people can't be left out of self promotion and the "Ain't I cool" factor. Soon, we will all be subject to finding out exactly what someone is listening to on NvNews.... As if anyone really gave two sh**s?

What's next? "Currently masterbating to..."?

And imagine it, including the "Listening to.." in every forum posts they make.

It's horrifying.. It's the end of the 'net as we know it.

MikeC 08-20-03 10:43 AM

O.K., Nick your point is made. Thanks for the input.

vampireuk 08-20-03 11:35 AM

Yes thanks, although next time make it a bit more polite. Courtesy goes a long long way.

gmontem 08-20-03 12:18 PM

I hate it as well
Can someone edit the old news posts and remove those lines? I find it very distracting even if it's just one line.

I suggest that news posters do this sort of thing in their blog or other personal online journal. The news section is not the place for this.

vampireuk 08-20-03 12:22 PM

There is no real point removing them now, just read through the news as it is and we will discuss this ourselves. :)

gmontem 08-20-03 01:12 PM

Well I think you should at least get Mr. Fibble involved in this somehow. :p

vampireuk 08-20-03 01:44 PM

Mr. Flibble avoids the front page, it brings him too much publicity. And with publicity comes polar bears:eek:

|JuiceZ| 08-20-03 01:45 PM

hey I kinda liked it, its only one short line after all, shows our newsposters do have a personality outside of pcs....o well :rolleyes:

netviper13 08-20-03 02:37 PM

I like it too, shows that not everybody here is a total computer nerd. You want news and nothing but news go to www.cnn.com , we like to have some fun here.

PsychoSy 08-20-03 02:46 PM

Actually, I find it slightly distracting - I've often skimmed an entire news post just to see what the hell MUYA or Max might be listening to! :D

Oh, and uh...by the way...

:nana: "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex :nana:


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