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Yaboze 10-11-11 01:44 PM

Official Gears of War 3 Feedback Thread
Did anyone get it? I can't believe there aren't any threads. I just picked it up, I know, it came out weeks ago....


crainger 10-11-11 02:11 PM

Re: The Official Gears of War 3 thread
I'll get it eventually. Much better games out right now.

ViN86 10-11-11 04:00 PM

I got it this past weekend. Haven't had a chance to play the campaign yet but I will.

I've played online some. The sawed off shotgun is kind of lame. I don't know if I like it yet. It's like Gears 1 with a bigger bull**** range for kills.

Lyme 10-15-11 01:21 AM

Re: The Official Gears of War 3 thread
Got it when it came out played through the single player, it has a pretty good story. The default difficulty level is a bit easy, so you may want to put it up a notch and you can do four player co-op through the game. The visuals have improved since gears 2, but just a bit. Epic addressed the #1 complaint with gears 1 & 2, there is more colour than brown and gray. They added a little variation into the mix to help with the repetition, but lets face it, it's a shooter. You can plow through single player in around eight hours, probably less if you put it on easy mode and ignore everything on the way through. I've yet to play online yet, but I'll get to it. Looks like there is a horde mode where you can play horde and kill gears.

Also as usual, haters going to hate. (but I like it). As a fyi this is really a PS3 forum with a bad title, if you want to hear about xbox 360 titles you'll have to go elsewhere.

ViN86 10-15-11 01:43 AM

Re: The Official Gears of War 3 thread
They toned down the sawed off shotgun range (yay). They also have torque bow only matches for this weekend only (awesome). Honestly, I'm starting to enjoy the multiplayer more. They have the dedicated servers down for repairs atm, hopefully they're back up soon.

I need to play the campaign asap.

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