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Santabutthead 08-20-03 11:29 AM

Mouse won't scroll to screen 2!
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OK, previously I have had a dual monitor setup (non-xinerama) and it's always worked perfect, but I figured it was time to upgrade to something that would do some kind of 3d with dual screen ability, now for some reason or another it draws the second screen fine (I can start things with DISPLAY=":0.1") but my mouse _will_not_ scroll over there. it stops at the edge of screen one like screen two isn't even there. This has always worked with my raedon+millinium.

Verto GeForce FX 5200 AGP
Ver. 1.0-4496
Distro: Gentoo
Video BIOS rev:
Processor: 2700+
Motherboard: A7N8X Deluxe

BTW- My XF86Config-4 file is pretty ugly (sorry) I cleaned it up a little bit for this post already :).

Santabutthead 08-20-03 11:31 AM

Don't think it'll help but...
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Here's my log

Santabutthead 08-20-03 11:33 AM

Wouldn't you know I would find the answer right after I sent this in! I move the mouse to the left and it hits up the monitor on the right, time to change it around... :)

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