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knghtwhosaysni 10-12-11 12:52 PM

iPhone 4S reviews

I didn't really pay attention to the keynote or anything, so pretty much all I knew about was it had the iPad's dual core processor and it came in white. But after reading NYT and wired, it sounds like they both love Siri. And considering how it speeds up the things I do most often on my 3G (calling, texting, alarms, maps), it seems pretty cool.

six_storm 10-12-11 01:38 PM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
I will be purchasing one in the next two months for sure.

AthlonXP1800 10-16-11 05:35 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
iphone 4S get torned!!!!


What inside iphone 4S?

Sony camera sensor
800MHz dual core A5 CPU

It is surprised that iphone 4S didnt have 1GB, it has same memory as iphone 4, Galaxy S II got double the memory and has superior camera than iphone 4S. It seemed iphone 4S is a waste of money.

Maverick123w 10-16-11 10:10 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2491170)
512MB is plenty if the software is good.

Hardware specs mean nothing in general. What customers want is a great overall package.
Specs are only important in the Android world. There a device has no identity and needs to set it apart from all those other uninteresting Android devices by having something special like a highly clocked Dual Core, huuuuge but impractical 4.x" display, LTE for certain regions or providers, tons of RAM and so on...

you're the first iPhone user I've ever seen that didn't want a ~4" screen.

|MaguS| 10-16-11 11:25 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
I'm happy with my 4.5" screen...

Q 10-17-11 10:42 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
If a phone was just a phone, the smallest that you could hold would be the best size. Phones are used more for content consumption than actual phone calls for most users today. Do you see people finding the smallest TV at home for consumption?

The "right size" screen is the biggest that you can comfortably use that still fits in your pockets. My HTC Incredible fits my hand well, but I'm not a big guy. My boss can barely use my phone but he's very comfortable with his 4" screen. Since he has bigger hands he also has bigger pants with bigger pockets.

The question is are there enough "larger" people for Apple to dedicate a separate product line and do it in a way that "is innovative and for everyone!" and doesn't give any credit to the other phone makers.

AthlonXP1800 10-17-11 10:57 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

Thought Steve Jobs told last year that the next iphone will have better back case and glass to prevented glass smashed when dropped, Apple never learned!

Airbrushkid 10-17-11 11:06 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
Well I never dropped any of my iPhones. But I do believe in taking better care of the items I buy, not like a lot of people out there.

Riptide 10-17-11 12:31 PM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
Are you serious? I lol'd @ that. For reals.

ViN86 10-18-11 10:38 AM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews


According to Apple, the iPhone 4S is selling very, very well. But not everyone is having a smooth experience with Apple's latest handset. A handful of issues are causing problems for a subset of users.

Here's a rundown on some early iPhone 4S issues:

Siri Not Working

On Apple's support forums (and on Twitter), users clam that Siri, the iPhone 4S's virtual assistant, won't work. When asking a question, these users receive an error message saying that Siri "cannot connect to the network."

To fix this issue, Business Insider suggests first turning Siri off in the iPhone's settings, then going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, and then turning Siri back on. Others say that enabling data roaming does the trick (although this can incur extra charges if you're overseas). But there's currently no sure fix for users who are having trouble--perhaps this is why Siri is still labeled "beta."

Slow Sprint Data

Some Sprint users are complaining about slow data speeds on the iPhone 4S. One user claims that the issue is iPhone-specific, and reports faster speeds on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II (with 4G turned off), while another finds similar speed issues with Sprint's Evo 3D.

But this issue doesn't affect all Sprint users--Gizmodo's spot test actually finds that Sprint's network allows for faster downloads than Verizon (but not AT&T), and the fastest uploads of all three carriers. However, Gizmodo's survey of iPhone 4S users finds Sprint has the slowest average speeds. So far, Sprint hasn't addressed the matter. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch and not a long-term network congestion issue.

App Issues

While not hardware-related, the launch of iOS 5 has caused problems for some apps. Google Voice, for example, had to be pulled from the App Store due to crashes. Instapaper now has problems with offline functionality for users whose devices are near capacity because of the way iOS 5 clears cached data. (That issue may end up affecting lots of apps with offline components, according to Instapaper developer, Marco Arment.) Most app-related issues should be fixed eventually, but it's unclear what Apple intends to do for apps such as Instapaper.
Apparently Apple didn't anticipate the Siri traffic for their servers. I guess this explains (although it doesn't justify) why Siri is restricted to the iPhone 4S only. But you have to be able to anticipate your own sales. Furthermore, you have to be willing to dish out the hardware to sustain a product/service.

You overcharge as it is for the hardware, the least you could do is provide the required backend for the service, Apple. Heaven forbid you cut into those profit margins... :|

six_storm 10-18-11 12:19 PM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews
Yup, Apple overcharges big time with the iPhone 4S. In other news, the new Moto RAZR will debut at an affordable $299! :rolleyes:

Everybody I know who bought a 4S has had nothing but good things to say so far. Siri is spot on compared to Google's voice software (from friends who have owned both phones) and iOS 5 is really awesome (IMO).

|MaguS| 10-18-11 01:15 PM

Re: iPhone 4S reviews

Originally Posted by six_storm (Post 2491943)
Yup, Apple overcharges big time with the iPhone 4S. In other news, the new Moto RAZR will debut at an affordable $299! :rolleyes:

Everybody I know who bought a 4S has had nothing but good things to say so far. Siri is spot on compared to Google's voice software (from friends who have owned both phones) and iOS 5 is really awesome (IMO).

Hey appletard... that's the same price as the 32GB iPhone 4S, the Droid Razr comes with 32GB of storage... DUH. The difference is that with the Droid Razr you get new updated hardware and LTE... on the iPhone 4S you get old hardware and a ****ty voice program.

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