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mcortz_2000 09-09-02 12:47 PM

A new found Love for my Ti4600!!!
Hi one and all,

Well this is mainly a rant so please don't get all iffy on me.
I have been a gamer since way back when. The days of castlevania still ring true to my ears........

Personally I miss those days, the ramblings on between friends on games that made us the loyal devotees we are.
Then there was doom1, man how the pace increased...
My point is this.
That was then and this is now. I still remember the day I got my Diamond Monster Voodoo1 and how it changed the way we play games.(Graphically that is...)
And now we have reached a new era, or so we think.

I have been buying video cards because of games for a long time.
I commend Nvidia for producing some of the most stable Video cards, at least compared to the other cards on the market. Don't get me wrong, they have had their fair share of problems but in saying that things have gotten better.....

Now this moves me to the suppossedly fantastic Ati9700. At first this card had me so excited i was going to sell my Ti4600 for about $200 just so that i could get one.(with paying the difference of course)

I have done a full turn again and have a new found respect for my Visiontek Ti4600.

The list of problems that are cropping up in the Rage3d forums and other websites in regards to game compatibilities, motherboard compatibilities, etc...has got me thinking if this card with all its spendour is in fact worth the switch. Personally i do not think so whereas others will dissagree. To me the problems with the Ati9700 only seem to be getting worse not better, if not for the fixes that the Ati support guys have been providing to Ati community.

I will say Kudos to them for this support. This is definately a welcome sign.

The only thing is though that if I am splashing out $350 for a video card do I really want to put up with the level of problems that they have been experiencing....

I say NOT but then again this is my opinion so I will not force it on others. I just wish that these companies would concentrate on making sure that there are fewer problems even if it means slightly slower operating frequencies or whatever is causing it.

After all said and done this is just my opinion but I am sure that this is felt by many others. I will be keeping my Ti4600 and continue in gaming bliss in comparison to the boatload of problems that Ati is having to deal with.

Please feel free to post your comments/opinions on this matter...

sancheuz 09-09-02 01:54 PM

nvidia is a more prominent and quality producing company

saturnotaku 09-09-02 02:05 PM

I was in the same boat as you. I was contemplating selling my Ti4600 for a 9700. Being able to play games at 1600x1200 with FSAA and aniso was an intriguing proposition to say the least.

But, for the same reasons you mentioned, I will not be making this purchase. I have an Abit KR7A-RAID and more than one person has reported not being able to cold-boot their system with a 9700 installed. Letting the system warm up (so to speak) and hitting the reset button causes the card to work. Huh? Okay, I'm going to shell out $330-$400 for a card that won't work right when I first power on my system after letting it sit overnight.

And I sure as hell am not going to replace my motherboard and potentially my CPU just to get this video card to work. Sorry, ATI, you couldn't convince me with the 8500 and it doesn't look like you'll be doing so with the 9700. Almost had me, though - so close but yet so far. I hope they work with mobo companies and within their company to do some further investigation into these issues.

It will be very, very interesting to see if the NV30 has similar issues. But there's no use speculating right now. Right now my Ti4600 is working wonderfully with all my games and applications and that's the only thing that matters. :)

mcortz_2000 09-09-02 02:14 PM

Thats it Saturnotaku,

Let us enjoy our wonderfully stable and fast Ti4600's and continue to do so until NV30 is released....

FastM 09-09-02 02:44 PM


Originally posted by mcortz_2000
Thats it Saturnotaku,

Let us enjoy our wonderfully stable and fast Ti4600's and continue to do so until NV30 is released....

And tested ;)

Hey, speaking of Vid cards i just sold my Vanilla GF3 for a MSI TI4200 64meg. I know i should of got the 128meg but there was no stock left and i couldn't go a couple days with no Vid card :p. I'll be selling it anyway for an V30 :D . The upgrade only cost me 50$ Canadian and im pretty impressed. I gained IQ if anything and the FPS this thing puts out for the money is very impressive.

volt 09-09-02 05:33 PM

Watch out for those 80 meg textures in doom3 hehehe :)

sbp 09-09-02 08:31 PM

With the wide range and age of various setups out there, issues are bound to pop up anytime there is a videocard with a new architecture. Expect the same of NV30.

ATI LoVeR 9700 09-09-02 09:30 PM

Don't rule the 9700 out. It's a fresh card. It has problems.

Saying that ATi has bad drivers is just plain stupid, the Radeon 8500 currently doesn't have bad drivers. All the issues have been sorted out, and now it's awesome, fast, stable card.

The NV30 will be buggy as well. Remember the Gefroce3? It was slow and buggy, that is until better drivers came out.

Don't put ATi down.

A Bios flash, and new drivers will make that card kick ass.

nVidia can't do magic and make perfect drivers, their NV2X architecture is old, and has been worked on. If ATi did that same thing with it's cards, that ATi would have "bug free" drivers on release too.

netviper13 09-09-02 09:52 PM

I'd hardly say the GF3 was buggy when it came out...a little slower than the GF2 Ultra for a little while, but everything worked out of the box. And nVidia solved the problems with a driver release a little bit later.

ATI LoVeR 9700 09-09-02 09:57 PM


Originally posted by netviper13
I'd hardly say the GF3 was buggy when it came out...a little slower than the GF2 Ultra for a little while, but everything worked out of the box. And nVidia solved the problems with a driver release a little bit later.
6 Months later, and it was buggy, really buggy. I remember that. Most people know.

thcdru2k 09-09-02 10:03 PM

buggy really buggy? no.

volt 09-09-02 10:27 PM

Personally I'm not putting ATI down but by reading some of the comments made by 9700 owners made me wonder a bit more about this card: aniso performance, incompatible APG 8x mobos, power problems. Now this maybe due to early drivers, and if it isn't than I feel kind of sorry for those people who bought it and regret it. Thank god ATI will replace your card if it's not compatible with one of those mobos heh, that's a nice move, but if ATI could have waited 2 more months they could really iron those bugs out dont you think? My 0.02 ;)

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