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Ancient76 10-13-11 07:23 AM

C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
C.A.R.S. = Community Assisted Race Sim.
The game will be funded by and developed in close cooperation with the (sim) racing / gaming community. People can invest an amount of money up-front, entitling them to receiving profit and taking part in testing of weekly game builds.
Depending on the magnitude of his/her investment, an investor has a bigger or smaller voice in what content will get into the game. The game starts as a base game with a few cars and tracks, and will be expanded from there depending on what the community decides.

The game will be free-to-play, with paid extra content (microtransactions).

C.A.R.S will be used the stripped-down Shift 2 Unleashed engine as starting point, as the team will be adding new modules to it during the course of the development process, including a new DirectX 11 renderer, a new physics engine and new AI. Slightly Mad Studios expect a development cycle of at least 12 months until the finished product is ready, however all investors will be getting access to development builds throughout the process to keep everyone entertained.



knghtwhosaysni 10-13-11 09:04 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
looks like a cool idea. signed up as a junior member, may be moving up to team member at some point...

edit: where did you see it was going to be F2P tho? from the sounds of things, it looks like it will be sold as a retail game. http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews...-101/#more-309 Says members get more money back the more retail copies are sold.

Ancient76 10-13-11 09:14 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
DX9 pics:


MaXThReAT 10-13-11 09:25 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
Is there a minimum investment for junior members? I only have three bucks in my PayPal account right now.

knghtwhosaysni 10-13-11 09:41 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
looks like 10 euros atm, but I think you can use credit/debit cards too (still might happen on paypal's site, I dunno, I just used paypal).

[AK]Zip 10-13-11 09:49 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
Prices of the different sign up levels: http://forum.wmdportal.com/toolpacks.php

Perks of the different levels: http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews...rks-announced/

I am quite interested in this. Will probably sign up as a team member.

knghtwhosaysni 10-13-11 01:31 PM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
It is kinda cool that the actual devs seem to be very active on their forums, posting progress in every part of the game and replying to normal members. It would be awesome if this works out and we see more AAA games not having to publish with EA/Ubisoft/whoever

knghtwhosaysni 10-13-11 02:53 PM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2490427)
I hope this won't be a AAA game. It needs to stay close to the community, just like other sims. Once it goes mass-market, it cannot be a sim anymore.

haha well they are releasing on all 4 platforms (PC, 360, PS3, WiiU) and hoping for millions of users, but there was a post by Ian that said he wanted the PC to be more like an iRacing level sim and console versions to be more like Forza/GT5

Ancient76 10-17-11 04:43 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
This is WIP.

Ancient76 10-17-11 11:39 AM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
Which means that makes no sense to compare!

Compare final game!

FastRedPonyCar 05-17-12 04:06 PM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim
been playing this a little with the xbox controller


So far I really like it but playing with the controls in pro mode with no assists is a test in patience with that controller. Throttle and brake manipulation pretty much equates to ON or OFF.

I ordered the fanatec CSR XL pack with the elite pedals


It's been long overdue though. I've got Forza 3 and 4, GT5, All 3 dirt games, both shift games and have yet to really play any of them due to lack of a proper controller so this should be nice since it will work with all of them.

As for CARS, early development bugs aside, the game is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.







And I seriously cannot believe that this isn't a photo. :headexplode:


FastRedPonyCar 05-17-12 10:00 PM

Re: C.A.R.S. - Community Assisted Race Sim

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2556875)
btw, why not the CSR Elite steering wheel?

Cause it's $380 more vs the XL pack :thumbdwn:

I don't want to spend an arm and a leg and end up not really being THAT into it. I've never used a wheel before so it's not like I would notice any shortcomings since I have nothing else to compare it to.

If I end up really really liking it and get more into the sims then I can always dump the CSR wheel on ebay and use that to fund the elite. Nice that they make everything all modular/mix and match compatible.

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