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MNKyDeth 10-14-11 10:59 AM

PCI ID - Which File
I am trying to find which file contains the PCI ID within the Linux Nvidia drivers.

I have just purchased the Lenovo Y570 with the Nvidia 555m graphics chip. This chip in this particular laptop has a different PCI ID that is not supported in the Linux nvidia graphics drivers.

There is a switch on the front edge of the laptop that disables and enables the nvidia chip. I plan on having the nvidia chip on the entire time while never using the Intel worthless pos chip.

From what I gather all I need to do is have the correct PCI ID in the driver for it to work. If I can find that file and plug in the correct PCI ID that would be great. Any info is appreciated.

adrianveidt 10-15-11 09:56 PM

Re: PCI ID - Which File
The list is in the README.txt file, which you can see if you unpack the driver with --extract-only.

In Ubuntu, we have a file called "additional_card_ids", which we include with the debian packaging scripts. You can see it if you download the scripts with "apt-get source nvidia-graphics-drivers". This file contains ids that are not yet included in the Nvidia driver. You can get your card's id (with lspci -vn |grep VGA) and put it in that file. Then, rebuild nvidia-graphics-drivers (with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -tc) and install nvidia-current.

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