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jeff 08-20-03 10:08 PM

Linux support for GEForce FX Go5650?

I am considering buying a new Dell Inspiron 8600. This model comes with a GEForce FX Go 5650 (by the way what is the difference between 5600 and 5650? Is 5650 specific to Dell?) and a Ultra-Wide LCD (1920x1200).
I absolutely need Linux/XFree running on this notebook (else I would have to consider another choice, that would be a pity because that model is quite interesting, particularly with all the Dell bargains such as "double your RAM for one buck").

So before I definitely make up my mind, I would like to check if the latest nvidia driver (or a previous one, why not?) for Linux supports this board (when I talk about support, I mean first XFree will run correctly at the maximum resolution size, and second the driver will take advantage of all the performance of the chip).

If someone had experience with this board (good or bad) under Linux then I would be glad to hear from him/her.

Thank you very much in advance


Smokie 08-26-03 02:35 PM

Got my Toshiba 5200-903 with FX Go5600 working on X 4.3 with 1400x1050 (correct for my panel).
The todays latest driver 4496 did it. The driver before produces only plasma :-()

No tests about 3d and xv up to now.

Hope it helps ...

Phyre 08-26-03 06:59 PM

I'm getting a Toshiba 5205-S705 with the FX Fo 5600. I'm not too worried about the drivers, however, I'm looking for a good site for the Linux install. Do you have any recommendations, Smokie.

About the only one I've found close to the S705 is this page:



Smokie 08-28-03 12:51 PM


i found


which will help as i suppose.

Phyre 08-28-03 01:44 PM

Thanks for the links. I've checked out the linux-on-laptops site. Pretty good stuff. Here's another one for ya.


Thanks again,

Smokie 08-29-03 01:48 PM

ohh, i had it but didn´t find usefull stuff on the first view.
But thx anyway

cbueche 09-03-03 06:14 AM

have you got a valid answer ?

I have the exact same question : I would like to be sure that the Nvidia GeForce FX Go5650 is supported by the nvidia linux driver *before* buying the Dell I8600...

Have you got a valid answer ? I searched Nvidia.com, the web, asked Dell and Nvidia, but no response...

Thanks for any hint !


cbueche 09-03-03 06:34 AM

answer t my own question
Hi again,

searching the web again pointed me to a german site analyzing the Dell I8600 : http://www.golem.de/0308/26991.html. In this article, you will read :


Zum DirectX-9-fähigen Grafikchip GeForceFX Go 5650 hat Dell mittlerweile Details genannt: Es handelt sich dabei um einen technisch zum GeForceFX Go 5600 identischen Grafikprozessor, der jedoch dank Flip-Chip-Design mit kürzeren Leitungen und besseren Verbindungen (4facher Leitungs-Durchmesser) mit höheren Taktraten betrieben werden kann. Der komplette Chip sei damit elektrisch und thermisch deutlich stabiler, auch da das unterspülte Epoxidharz die Abwärme besser zu den Kühlkörpern abführe. Das Resultat sei ein kühlerer Betrieb trotz höherer Taktfrequenzen sowie ein geringerer Stromverbrauch - damit sei der neue GeForceFX Go 5650 trotz höherer Leistung kühler und stromsparender als der GeForce4 4200.
Which about mean in english (from babelfish and me) :


To the DirectX-9-faehigen diagram chip GeForceFX Go 5650, Dell provided the following details: It acts around one technically identical to the GeForceFX Go 5600 processor, but can be operated (due to Flip chip Design with shorter lines and better connections - 4x pipe diameter) with higher clock rates. The complete chip is thereby electrically and thermally clearly more stable, with better thermical dissipation. The result is a cooler chip despite higher clock frequencies as well as a smaller current consumption - thus the new GeForceFX Go 5650 is cool and more currentsaving than the GeForce4 4200 Go.
It looks like the only difference between the Nvidia 5650 and 5600 chips are in the thermal and eletrical category. We can therefore assume that the latest Nvidia linux driver would support the 5650 chip used in the Dell I8600. I will order mine this evening and report when I get it (will need at least 3 weeks).


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