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ATOJAR 10-20-11 12:10 AM

Origin ID Changer for Windows

A couple of days ago we reported about a User on Reddit, who found a way to actually change your Origin ID through the EA Scrabble Game for iOS or Android Systems. A lot of people still don’t have such a Smartphone, so another User on Reddit wrote a small Application you can use on your Windows PC to change your Origin ID. Before you say “why should i put my password in some application someone wrote on the internet”, we can assure you, it won’t steal your password or Account Data. The application itself uses the EA Android API to send the commands to change your Origin ID. The Author was also kind enough to release the Source code of this tool. So if you still have concerns using it, you can check the source and just compile it yourself.
Origin ID Changer for Windows

I have done this and i can confirm it works, Just to be on the safe side thought i went into my Origin settings and changed my password to something else, Ran this tool, Changed my ID then changed my password back to my original password.

mojoman0 10-20-11 12:12 AM

Re: Origin ID Changer for Windows
Heh I've been playing scrabble on ios all night

ATOJAR 10-20-11 02:54 AM

Re: Origin ID Changer for Windows
Oh and by the way ... Make sure your new ID isnt over 16 characters long.

ATOJAR 10-20-11 04:20 PM

Re: Origin ID Changer for Windows
EA have released an official tool to allow you to change your EA/Origin ID.


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