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Goofie 10-22-11 09:23 AM

Riva TNT2 Pro 32mb

i am using currently the linuxdistro PClinuxos. i beleave it is a rpm based distro.

it uses currently the kernelversion but i am using version

i have in my computer a Riva TNT2 Pro 32mb graphic card and would like to ask if this older card can still work with above mentioned kernelversions ?


someone has suggested this link. is this a correct one to use perhaps ?



artem 10-22-11 02:55 PM

Re: Riva TNT2 Pro 32mb
It's the correct link.

However with such an underpowered hardware you can just you 'nouveau' open source driver.

Goofie 10-23-11 08:48 AM

Re: Riva TNT2 Pro 32mb

thank you for the answer.

i have tried the 'nouveau' driver but for some reason after every 10-20 minutes my computer freezes completely.

perhaps the driver as suggested in the link above is a more stable one to use.

however since i am new to linux i have tried to install but i received the message that i have to close the Xserver to install

how can i exit the Xserver in linux ?



artem 10-24-11 01:40 AM

Re: Riva TNT2 Pro 32mb
$ sudo init 3

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