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tjd 08-21-03 05:29 AM

installing nvidia drivers to rh9 kernel
Having real trouble making an MSI produced FX5600 board work at all.

sh tool driver installer reports the kernel compiled with "wrong headers" (???) and therefore cannot install .o file.

It then asks for a command line include.

Well, I would so command it, happily, if I could find a kernel source to specify.

Where th %&*$ does redhat keep its kernel src files?

and wot's it all mean?



XoD 08-21-03 05:55 AM

kernel source RPM
Install all the development RPMs necessary... you have a source RPM coresponding to your kernel on redhat network.

tjd 08-22-03 10:46 PM

doh! brain melt. first install card, THEN install drivers. mmmh?

However all is not lost, tks for tip on downloading src iso. done and done, and the better for it.

IMPORTANT: This card (MSI FX5600) misreports itself to linux installers. Therefore need to install as text, boot to init 3 and really go to work on xconfig file, manually.


SnapIT 08-22-03 10:55 PM

You don't need the entire src iso, just the source for your running kernel...

Installing the entire src onto a running machine is just dumb as it will be of no use except for the kernel in this case...

Even if you DO compile your entire system you will not notice any differences, in fact, slackware, which is based off the old i486 is faster than the optimized gentoo in all tests i have seen...

So just download the source for your kernel, now remember, it has to be the source for the kernel YOU run atm...

OR you could try to compile your own kernel, i think anyone dealing with linux should do this...

Kernel sources will be found at www.kernel.org

tjd 08-23-03 06:25 AM

zactly what i did...after I looked at it all. First unix box was a Sparc 1, somewhere pre version 5, starting to remember all the good stuff. Tks :cool:

SnapIT 08-23-03 06:39 AM

Cool... glad you returned to basics... :-)

Linux starts at the kernel...

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