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zerobeta 10-26-11 11:57 AM

Which GPU to upgrade to?

I am looking to upgrade from a 8800GTS to a more powerful card and I want to know which card will work well with my computer specs, Q6600, 2GB Memory, P5E MB and a Corsair 620HX.

The GT5XX are too expensive for me so I thought about a GTX 560 / 560 Ti, or a GTX 470.

Which of those is better, or maybe you have a different option for me? Is my PC powerful enough to handle this card, and will I see much improvement over my 8800GTS?

Many thanks :).

grey_1 10-26-11 12:16 PM

Re: Which GPU to upgrade to?
I'd personally go 560 ti or a 570 if I were buying today.

I have a 480 matched with a Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz and it handles games well, but either of the above would work well for you and be a nice, noticeable upgrade.

pross 10-26-11 05:33 PM

Re: Which GPU to upgrade to?
I got a 2G 560ti and its brilliant. Its a gainward phantom2

zerobeta 10-27-11 08:19 AM

Re: Which GPU to upgrade to?
The ones I mean are reference design:
GTX 560 Ti with 1024 Memory and 384 CUDA Cores / a GTX 560 with 1024 Memory and 336 CUDA Cores
Or a GTX 470 with 1280 Memory and 446 CUDA Cores

Is a GTX 560 better over the higher spec GTX 470, as its newer generation?

I now also found a Palit GeForce GTX 560 2GB/256Bit DDR5 one as well
Note its not a 560 Ti.

Out of those options what do you think?

Gainward GTX560 TI GS 1024MB/256bit DDR5
Palit GeForce GTX 560 2GB/256Bit DDR5
Or a higher spec GTX 470

grey_1 10-27-11 08:39 AM

Re: Which GPU to upgrade to?
Coming from the 8800GTS I think you'd be very happy with a 560.


One thing to consider is that the 560 and the 560 ti both have models that are similarly priced...here in the states anyway. I don't know your location, but with that said, the 560 should give you a nice improvement.

Yaboze 10-27-11 11:59 AM

Re: Which GPU to upgrade to?
IMHO, the best bang for the buck card is the 560Ti. Good power/price/performance ratio. You should be able to find one under $250.

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