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LaoTzuTao 09-09-02 08:17 PM

FSAA Questions
Well I finally got my drivers installed properly and working...Now I'd like to turn on FSAA and Anisoptric filtering. I assumed it would just be another Option you add to the config, but from the instructions I've seen, I have no idea what to do. 'Setting the environment variable'? I'm still too new to understand how to do that or what that even means. Thanks for all your help!

Anthaus 09-10-02 11:44 AM

You set up the environment variable with the EXPORT command. For example, with a console (you DON'T require to be su or root):

export __GL_FSAA=2

This will set 2x AA in Quake 3. You MUST launch the game from the very same console where you wrote the export command.

There's a way to set environment variables right from startup. I'll come back to that later.

(Isn't it refreshing to answer questions NOT related with RH 7.3? :D :D :D )

Thunderbird 09-10-02 02:07 PM

Sorry to correct you but it is __GL_FSAA_MODE. Also lookup the values you can set it to in the nvidia driver docs. The meaning of the values is different on different cards. (gf4 supports more options than the gf2 ..)

Anthaus 09-10-02 02:10 PM


Originally posted by Thunderbird
Sorry to correct you but it is __GL_FSAA_MODE. Also lookup the values you can set it to in the nvidia driver docs. The meaning of the values is different on different cards. (gf4 supports more options than the gf2 ..)
My bad. :o

Anyway, aside from the "export" command, nVidia's release notes should be enough to tweak you GeForce to your heart's content. ;)

LaoTzuTao 09-10-02 03:02 PM

Thanks guys, I think I get it now. You said theres a way to set the variables from startup? How would I go about doing that? Thanks!

Anthaus 09-10-02 03:31 PM

I have to return to my linux rig to "remember". There's a config file in your /home/<user>/ folder. Maybe it's the bash.something... anyway, just define which settings you'd like to have on ALL your games. In the config file you should add something like this:

alias export __GL_FSAA_MODE=2

I use three alias: one for FSAA, another for Anisotropic Filtering and the last to force VSync On. Your release notes should be pretty self-explanatory.

If I could just remember the name of THAT file...

Anyway, save the file when you're done, restart X and you're set.

Cheers, mate!

bwkaz 09-10-02 04:44 PM

The file's ~/.bash_profile, ~/.profile, or ~/.bashrc. It'd probably be best to put it in ~/.bashrc, because that's the script that gets executed every time the shell starts (AFAIK -- you might have to put it into the other one, too, though), while .profile and .bash_profile only get executed when you first log in.

~ is a shortcut for "my home directory", or /home/<user name here>.

But I'm curious, why make an alias out of these? The line you've posted (alias export __GL_FSAA_MODE=2) isn't even really valid syntax (the alias command requires an equal sign, like alias l="ls --color=auto -F", like I have in my .bash_profile), but even with that in there, the variable-set wouldn't happen until you typed in the stuff on the left side of the equal sign, When I do an l, the output of ls comes up in color, but not every time I log in. ;)

I would think, at first, that it'd be easier to just do the export, without the alias, and let it just set that environment variable for the whole time the shell is running... but maybe not. Just wondering about the reasoning... :confused:

Anthaus 09-10-02 04:51 PM

I agree it would be best to launch every single game with its own particular settings. But I haven't found how to do that (aside from launching a console every time and setting the environment variables by hand).

As for the alias thingie, I really got to return to my linux rig to see how I got it to work. I really did, believe me ;)

Just a couple of hours, guys. I'll post my .bashrc file today.

Anthaus 09-10-02 07:57 PM

You're right about the alias bit. I was wrong.

The file is:

and the setting I use (GeForce 4 Ti 4600):

export __GL_FSAA_MODE=2
export __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1

That's for Quincunx, Max Anisotropic Filtering and VSync On.

Just add those lines at the end of the file, leave a blank line at the end and enjoy!!

LaoTzuTao 09-11-02 02:05 AM

Thanks for the help guys!

bwkaz 09-11-02 06:46 AM

I was thinking, you could use aliases if you wanted separate settings for different games. Alias "aa1" to one setting (for all 3 variables), "aa2" to another setting, and so on, then to run the game, just do a aa1 ; wolfsp or aa2 ; ut or whatnot. It'd save a little typing anyway. But then, you'd have to remember which settings you liked for which games...

Maybe a wrapper script for each game? Now I think it's just getting complicated though...

Anthaus 09-11-02 10:50 AM


So, maybe I could set an alias at the .bashrc file (set1, for example) and call the game from a launcher with the command:


Is that right? How could I program that alias?

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