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Gew 10-31-11 02:04 PM

EN210 will it do two digital displays?
Hi guys!

I have an (quite old) graphics chip with VGA output, DVI-D output, and HDMI output. However, it seems it has only one "digital display controller", so when I plug an HDMI device in, any DVI device goes blank.

I was looking on this (quite cheap) EN210 card from ASUS. Question is, will it fulfill my needs; i.e. output eg. television over HDMI, and computer monitor over DVI? Or will it suffer the same "limitation" as my current graphics chip? Could I perhaps read this myself in some of the specifications mentioned on the ASUS site? What sort of text should I look for? Something with digital controller?

Thankful for any piece of input on this.


frenchy2k1 11-01-11 12:08 PM

Re: EN210 will it do two digital displays?
From what I can find on ASUS website, both DVI and HDMI can drive up to 2500x1600 screens.
Recent Nvidia cards can drive 2 displays at the same time, analog OR digital, any combination.

You should be fine with that card. Not a performer in 3D, but fine enough for desktop use...

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