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Quick420 11-01-11 03:08 PM

80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
I can buy a ps3 with a corrupted hd,the man says it plays blue-rays and games fine but give him errors everytime he tries to go online.Is this something that can be fixed?I found a you-tube video showing how to restore Ps3 default settings.(and formatting I think)Has this happened to anyone here? I have a RRODbox but have never owned a ps3.I may just snag it to play offline,but it would be nice to play with my neighbour online once in a while.Thnx for looking;)

Starscream 11-01-11 03:11 PM

Re: 80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
You can put any laptop SATA hard drive in a PS3 and this is totally fine with Sony.

So if that's REALLY the only issue it's definitely worth $50.



Q 11-01-11 03:37 PM

Re: 80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
Agreed with Starscream.

Quick420 11-01-11 05:00 PM

Re: 80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
Roger guys,I have a 250gb lappy drive laying around.I never thought sony would allow it.But then again they arent as tight as Microsoft.Thanks for the input

crainger 11-08-11 11:38 PM

Re: 80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
Nice deal. $50 for a PS3?! Dayum.

FastRedPonyCar 11-22-11 07:43 AM

Re: 80gb Ps3 Corrupted HD/Worth $50?
I replaced the harddrive in mine the week after I got it. It was the 60 gig model or whatever the lowest level one was. I put a scorpio black 250g drive in there.

you have to download the PS3 OS (which you can get from sony's website I think) and put it onto a FAT32 usb drive into a folder with a specific name that the PS3 will know to look in.

From there it installs the OS and is good to go. Pretty straight forward and numerous tutorials on how to do this.

I'd say for $50 + the cost of a bigger drive, that's a STEAL.

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