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leogeo 08-21-03 12:45 PM

Two xserver VGA (analog)/TV is posible??
First of all my gratefulness to the people of development of Nvidia by this driver for linux, that works really well. I have a consultation to do to them, is possible to form my Geforce2 so that it works with two xserver, one by output VGA and another by the output of TV. I have tried to make it as she indicates the README in the end, but have not obtained anything. thanks for your help.

Thunderbird 08-21-03 02:23 PM

You are not very clear about the videocard you are using. You say it is a Geforce2 but there are several Geforce2 models: GTS, PRO, Ultra, Ti, mx100, mx200....

Only the MX models can handle two screens at the same time and if you followed the directions of the README it should work.

leogeo 08-22-03 07:47 AM

Thanks thunderbird, my card is a geforce 2 MX 400. You say that this card work with two screen at the same time tv and crt ??
I can make my Desk expand with twienview (crt,tv), but two xserver donīt work, hang up my computer. If I send you my Xfree86config-4, it can serve so that you indicate to me in that it fails .
Again, thanks and sorry by my badly ingles :D

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