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jfreak 08-21-03 04:14 PM

lockups when reboot
Hello everybody.

I just got my new Shuttle XPC SN45G with a Shuttle FN45 Motherboard in it.
This has a NVidia nForce2 400 chipset.

Well, everytime I hit 'reset' or do a softreboot (including this after save and exit from bios) the box powes of and a red led inside the case lights up. Then I'v to plug out wall power an plug in again, nothing else works anymore.
When then booting, the Bios displays a message saying the system is now in safe mode, and i can press F1(continue) or ESC(go bios). so my AMD Athlon XP 2600+ works only with 1250MHz !!! (minimal Setting)
When i try to set it correct -> lockup after save -> safe mode...

I just update the bios to the actual version from the shuttle website, but it didn't helped.

network, sound, usb works fine under linux after installing the driver.
I'm using SuSE Linux Professional 8.2.

Anyone some idea?!?

jfreak 08-22-03 05:12 AM

Ok, lockups are gone.

I just removed the Copper Spacer between CPU and Heatsink.

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