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flounder 08-21-03 05:05 PM

Lockups when ripping cds or burning
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I was wondering if anyone else was running a Geforce FX 5600 on linux? I am running mandrake 9.1 with the newest Nvidia drivers on a Athlon thunderbird 1GHZ machine with a ASUS A7V motherboard and 768 mb ram. My video card is a Asylum Geforce FX 5600 AGP with 256mb ram. The problem I am having is when I go to a rip a cd in Grip using grips builtin ripper after a few seconds of ripping my monitor goes into power saving mode and everything locks up and the screen is blank. I have all power saving features turned off in BIOS and I believe they are all off in the X config file. Also sometimes when I burn a cd it goes into power saving mode but does not lock up I just move the mouse and it comes back. Other than that it never goes into power saving mode just like it should. Any ideas? I have attached my X config file. I believe I have the cd burner problem stopped but I don't know why it stopped. But I still cannot rip without locking up.


Tyler Coumbes

flounder 08-21-03 05:07 PM

follow up to orginal message
Sorry I forgot to mention that orginally I had a Geforce 2 MX card an had no problems with this. But that was also with the last drivers not the newest. Other than this problem runs great 3d and all. Keep up the good work nvidia!

Thanks again,
Tyler Coumbes

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