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dakota_man 08-21-03 05:47 PM

twinview pci + agp = 3 monitors and i need HELP
Ok, so I thought I could do this. I have a pci nvidia w/ twinview and an agp geforce4 4600. I can't get my XFree Config file right to make all 3 work. 2 Seem to be able to kina work, but I'm still clueless. Can anybody hook me up with a config file skeleton and info for 3 monitors on 2 cards?

XoD 08-22-03 04:06 AM

Read the documentation provided with the last nvidia drivers... there is a lot of info about configuring TWIN view and so on...

dakota_man 08-22-03 01:00 PM

yeah i went through all the information, i can get all three to work, but i'm still having problems. the middle monitor runs off the agp card, and the pci runs the wings. i can't seem to configure it so that a wing is left of middle and a wing is right of middle. also, i can't drag windows from the middle monitor (agp) to a connecting monitor (pci)

XoD 08-22-03 01:59 PM

I'm not sure that you have a real pb. I think you are in a case where you run straight into the limitations of twinview.

dakota_man 08-22-03 02:07 PM

well the limitations suck :(

XoD 08-22-03 02:15 PM

Ask the developers
Only the developers of the driver will be able to tell you the limitations... or the people using the same configuration than yours (I doubt there is a lot of them...)

dakota_man 08-22-03 02:16 PM

well i just want to be able to dual boot and enjoy my linux experience, you know?

right now i'm still stuck in windows (3 monitors weren't cheap)

XoD 08-24-03 05:39 PM

sorry... I would help but in this case I'm stuck...

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