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Yaboze 11-05-11 10:25 AM

SmoothScroll for Chrome
It seems to be gone, I have a on a few machines and I was setting up a new machine and it's simply gone. I can't find it at all. Even google can't find it.

Maverick123w 11-05-11 11:52 PM

Re: SmoothScroll for Chrome

K007 11-06-11 12:02 AM

Re: SmoothScroll for Chrome
it says when try to install it

it can access all data on your machine, including what i browse.

Roadhog 11-06-11 12:20 AM

Re: SmoothScroll for Chrome

Yaboze 11-06-11 05:55 PM

Re: SmoothScroll for Chrome
Those aren't it or old versions.

The current version is 1.0.6 that I have here. If you click "Visit Website" it gets an error that the page doesn't exist.

Searching extensions for the exact spelling, as it it shows here "SmoothScroll 1.0.6." comes up with nothing. I know there are other programs that do this, but I find it weird this just vanished, it's been around for years.

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