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jasonr2000 11-07-11 04:51 AM

Overclock A Q6600 G0 Quad Core CPU
hi guys im wondering if i can get some advice on overclocking my cpu and ram

ive got a xfx 780i mobo in sli with 2 nvidia 9800GTX+ GPU's
and 8 GB Corsair XMS2 Ram 4x 2GB Sticks i know my Nvidia Board Says Its SLI Ram But I Wanna Know How I Can get it up to 1200mhz and overclock the cpu at the same time any help is appreciated

MaXThReAT 11-07-11 12:42 PM

Re: Overclock A Q6600 G0 Quad Core CPU
O man there would be so much to go over I could write for hours. There are A LOT of guides on OCing the Q6600 GO. It's down to a science. Search this forum for Q6600 or google q6600 overclocking guide. I would need to do some math to be sure but 1200mhz on the ram and a good OC on the CPU should be possible. For OCing advice I go to Xtreme system forums.

jasonr2000 11-08-11 03:14 AM

Re: Overclock A Q6600 G0 Quad Core CPU
well i think id get lost in the reply lol if it lasted hours i can overclock it to 3.4GHZ but ive not attempted the ram as i dunno what timeings and so fourth to use

but ill do a bit of researching on here to have a look see and take a look at the Xtreme System forums also thanks for the advice :)

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