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jeffmd 11-12-11 11:51 AM

System clock is bad.. complications?
Sooo, the first major hardware failure on my 2+ year old dell laptop is the system clock. The CMOS battery has been dead for almost a year but it never effected anything as long as it was plugged in (which is all the time, cause it has no main battery either. it died and I gutted it so it would stop bitching in windows). A week ago I upgraded the HD and re installed windows 7 with it. Ever since, the clock would lose massive amounts of time. From minutes to hours it would suddenly change. After verifying all aspects of windows dealing with the clock were set correctly and replacing the CMOS battery, I re installed windows last night to no success. I am pretty sure its not windows anymore... cause anytime the clock goes wrong, I look in the bios and the clock is as windows reported it wrong.

So atm I am using a 3rd party program to keep the clock updated every 15 minutes. Anyone else lived their life with a bad CMOS clock and run into any issues? I haven't come across any crashes yet due to time reversing itself while the pc is on.

nemecb 11-15-11 11:01 AM

Re: System clock is bad.. complications?
My system clock is pretty inaccurate and the only problem I've run into with it was that NTP started rejecting servers because the time was too far off (which is bizarre to me since that's the whole point of NTP, but I assume they have their reasons). It was simple enough to fix by syncing the hardware clock back to the correct time so that NTP would start updating it correctly again.

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