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tvieson 08-22-03 11:17 AM

Remote Linux Access
I am looking to connect to my Linux box from remote (my work place using WIN2K). I know about the telnet command but it is apparently not activiated/configured. Is there something specific that I need to do to activiate this server? I am running DNS routing so I know that I can connect to it. Matter of fact I can run a VNC session, however since VNC uses X I can not do everything I want to concerning my graphics card. The error I am getting is:

Could not open a connection to host on port 23

This would indicate that I do not have the server running, but since I am a Linux newbie it is hard for me to be sure (or know where to get telnet). However I am not sure if port 23 is unblocked on my router and am eliminating possible problems before I return home.

System Info:

SuSE 8.2 Pro w/ 2.4.20-4GB-athlon KERNAL
ISP - Roadrunner Cable

geowiz 08-23-03 09:31 AM

I'd recommend that you not use telnet over the internet. It does not encrypt the session and all passwords are passed in clear text. Therefore, it is not at all secure.
Most security recommendations prefer the use of ssh (secure shell). It is included as a server and client on all modern Linux distributions. Further, it also can encrypt X sessions making them secure over the internet too.
For the Win2K machine, there are a number of clients (open source and commercial) available that use and support ssh. The two open source ones I have used are putty as a terminal and Winscp2 as a file transfer tool. Both seem to work ok.

As for configuration of ssh on your distribution, I do not use Suse so I won't offer a suggestion. But since Suse uses rpm format packages, check to see that ssh is installed. rpm -q openssh . If not, install it.
To configure openssh, read the documentation on ssh and sshd in the man pages.

Putty is available at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
and winscp2 is at http://winscp.sourceforge.net/eng/ . Openssh is at http://www.openssh.com/ .

Also remember to configure your firewall to allow connections for ssh. (port 22)

Good luck - but remember, to practice safe computing :)

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