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Ramshambo2001 09-09-02 11:10 PM

Wait for PCI-X 2.0?
Has anybody heard about this technology at all, i am planning on buying parts for a computer in the next couple months but am not sure i should wait for this specification to go into effect, nvidia said it is going to back it here sooner or later.

So come dec. should i just get a mobo with a AGP 8x or do you think i should wait for pci x 2.0?

Matthyahuw 09-10-02 04:03 PM

PCI 2.0 is a LOOOONG way off...just wait for something that tickles your fancy, like AMD's Hammer, and jump in, there's ALWAYS something better on the horizon, gotta jump in sometime...

Ramshambo2001 09-10-02 04:29 PM

Thx, was reading it everywhere and thought that maybe it was coming out like feb or something, think i am just going "jump in" when clawhammer hits :)

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