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volt 08-23-03 03:49 PM

Silent Storm demo performance
Anyone notice slowdowns even with no AA/AF at 1280x960? (FX 5900)

nin_fragile14 08-24-03 02:25 AM

Yeah this game is a hog. Max detail chugs quite a bit on my system.

deejaya 08-25-03 09:28 AM

It seemed to run great here. In 1024x768 4x 16x though. I played through both missions. 2500+ w/ 9700P.

Greg 08-26-03 04:47 AM

Can anyone help me get this game working?

I just see a blue-ish haze, like 100% fog on screen. I can see the interface though, and hear sounds.

Edit: If I run in 16bit color modes it works okay. Still like to get it running properly.

FX5800 (45.24)
Athlon xp2100
Epox nForce2

stncttr908 08-26-03 11:13 AM

What a clunky game. It takes ages for me to accomplish what I want my character to do. A shame really.

Greg 01-03-04 09:00 PM

I see this demo is on file planet now. With the latest nV drivers, this game now runs fine. It must be run in 32bit color modes, or all the pixel shader effects are disabled. I played the tutorial and the two demo levels and had loads of fun. I think there is a bug in the ragdoll physics code because the dead bodies can slow the game something shocking. I tested this by picking up a bunch of corpses and throwing them back on the ground a few meters away causing frame rate to rise from something like 8fps to 30fps (using FRAPS). Definately worth a look if you ever enjoyed XCom or Jagged Alliance. The game is an evolution of turn based (semi-real-time) tactical combat, but this particular game has almost fully destructable environments, dynamic light and shadow and physics simulation. It is quite impressive to man a heavy machine gun and chew through a building with it.

Rob_0126 01-04-04 12:38 PM

sounds good. I was looking forward to this game, but I hope it isn't a turtle to run.


Greg 01-05-04 01:35 AM


Originally posted by Rob_0126
sounds good. I was looking forward to this game, but I hope it isn't a turtle to run.


That was/is my biggest concern also. I am not sure if they have fixed the performance issues I encountered. See how the demo runs on your computer.

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