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Medic6666 08-24-03 04:03 AM

installed new kernel and now X dont work??
I had Nvidia drivers on RH working fine.
I have just upgraded my kernel and now X will not start saying it is not configured.

Do I need to re-configure my X conf everytime I update my kernel???



dkaplowitz 08-24-03 12:09 PM

You will have to re-install your drivers after upgrading the kernel. Before you do so, I recommend backing up your XF86.conf file so that you can replace it after reinstalling your drivers.

Also, I am not sure if this is me, but I upgraded to the 2.4.20-20.9 kernel and I don't think the nVidia drivers are working with it yet. Keeps saying "incorrect kernel headers" but I have the right src files installed.

Medic6666 08-24-03 12:12 PM

thats the kernel I have installed.
Ok..i'll wait for the amended nVidia drivers to be released.



dkaplowitz 08-24-03 12:16 PM

Wait...i just found this post -->


it's an issue pertaining to installing the kernel-src.

Medic6666 08-24-03 12:39 PM

I already have that installed..
not sure what he did with the headers.h file though ????

Thanks again


dkaplowitz 08-24-03 01:13 PM

I wouldn't sweat that, I'd just get the kernel-source RPM that they mentioned (with the link) and then I'd backup my XF86CONFIG file and then re-install the nVidia drivers. After reinstalling the drivers, put your backed up XF86CONFIG file back in place, and it should work. It did for me.

Medic6666 08-24-03 04:40 PM

Thank You :D
re-installed the drivers and all working now.

Have to remember this.... lol

RH keep releasing updated kernels. :(

Thanks again


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