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JasonWard 12-05-11 02:27 PM

Best place for X configuration support
I am having, and seem to have had many times over several years, a lot of problems getting xorg.conf to work properly, and I guess I'm not alone, for those of us with multiple monitors and multiple video cards it seems a constant curse.

The best place I've found for help is right here on this forum (although for me in the Nvidia section) but I am acutely aware that I'm not really asking for help with Nvidia, but with X.

So is there a better place than these forums for help with X? It would help if authors/maintainers of X had their own forum, but if they do, I cannot find it.

It would also help to have a lot better documentation, but when the official documentation says things like

Nobody wants to say how this works. Maybe nobody knows ...
and declares certain settings as mandatory, yet they clearly are not (i.e. I've never seen them in an xorg.conf file, and its been working fine) I'm left with a deep mistrust that even the documentation is a good reference point.

On top of which, when I get entirely different results (in terms of what works and what doesn't work) depending on which Gnome 3 desktop I'm running, I'm even left wondering if the problems are not X problems at all, but infact bugs in these desktops, but how on earth do I tell?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestion?

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