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six_storm 12-07-11 03:13 PM

NFL Blitz is BACK

Jan. 3rd, $15 on XBLA and PSN, Best Football Game of all time.

Nuff said.

six_storm 12-10-11 11:12 AM

No one is excited for Blitz?! Come Jan 3rd, I'm all over this purchase.

And I challenge all you losers to a few games. Deal with it bro.

Q 12-10-11 12:26 PM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
I think most of us have misplaced our Time Travel trousers.

six_storm 12-12-11 12:39 PM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
Blitz is officially coming out on Jan. 4th for XBLA and PSN for $15. Who's excited? This guy. :D

mailman2 12-13-11 07:18 AM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
waiting for PC version....

six_storm 12-13-11 08:00 AM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK

Originally Posted by mailman2 (Post 2510382)
waiting for PC version....


I would probably buy a console just for this game if I didn't already own one, I love me some Blitz. You can always go the EMU route though on PC . . . :bleh:

ViN86 12-13-11 08:25 AM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
I'll probably pick this up. Multiplayer should be awesome. :D

six_storm 12-13-11 10:45 AM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK

Originally Posted by ViN86 (Post 2510390)
I'll probably pick this up. Multiplayer should be awesome. :D

Agreed. MP is going to be sick. You can create a fantasy team and trade/bet players.

six_storm 01-02-12 08:51 AM

Just two more days until Blitz is available! I looked this morning and found that it was finally listed on the Game Marketplace, so it's getting closer.

Now if only EA would update the official site already. It's behind!

six_storm 01-03-12 05:58 PM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
Some are saying that Blitz is live on PSN. Not seeing the purchase button on XBL . . . ARGH.

six_storm 01-03-12 08:24 PM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
Blitz is officially out for PSN, but won't be available for XBLA until tomorrow morning 10AM EST. Lametown.

six_storm 01-04-12 07:59 AM

Re: NFL Blitz is BACK
So Blitz is finally out. I was able to get up a few minutes earlier this morning and sneak in a quick game. Here are my quick impressions:

1) Controls were a little odd at first. It's a shame you can't edit them. Not a huge deal but it would be nice.
2) Graphics are great! Just what I expected from this department.
3) Announcers are a little weak as others have mentioned compared to NBA Jam and older Blitz titles.
4) Not real concerned about the missing late hits.
5) This is a little nit-picky on my part. In older Blitz titles, when you selected a play, you could snap the ball in a split millisecond. With the new Blitz game, you have to wait a few seconds for the players to "get ready" and for the yardage info to move off the screen before you can snap the ball. IMO, the faster the gameplay the better. This could be fixed but I don't expect this much from EA; sorry, just being honest.
6) Gameplay is definitely slower compared to previous Blitz titles as others have mentioned. Could be a little faster.
7) Sound is spot on. No complaints here.
8) What's up with the super easy difficulty for the "Play Now" mode? I just tore up the Saints, being the Titans, 42-3. WTF?

Seriously though, I love the game and I think it's going to get a lot of my free time but the speed of the game is a big deal to me and a lot of other players. At least let us snap the ball right after we pick a play.

Anybody else get it?

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