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fyucesoy 12-20-11 03:37 AM

2kx2k and 1600x1200 the same card
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Our client system architecture works on two monitors, one (Barco) with 2000x2000 resolution and the other (Samsung 21" LCD) with 1600x1200 in every client. In normal conditions we are using Barco PVS6600R2 display adapter. We are using Barco Monitor via Dual Link DVI port and Samsung via DSUB VGA.

Actually we have an idea like using Nvidia Quadro 2000D or FX380 which can give more or less the same performance comparing to the Barco Display Adapter instead of it.

I'm sending two different xorg.conf files as attachment.

First's name is: xorg.conf_alonebarco

In this first configuration Barco works like the first monitor, therefore Samsung does not display any image.

Second's name is: xorg.conf_both

In this second configuration both of the montiors works but Samsung appears as the first monitor and the Barco appears as second one. Our aim is to set the Barco as the first monitor.

I need your help and attention about this topic.

jeisom 12-20-11 09:27 AM

Re: 2kx2k and 1600x1200 the same card
Try adding the following to the screen section.

Option "TwinViewXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-0"

Alternatively you can run nvidia-settings and under "X Server Display Configuration"
select the monitor you want primary , check the "Make this the primary display for X screeen"
and click apply. Then click "Save to X Configuration file". Use the save xorg.conf file.


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