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mojoman0 12-21-11 12:11 PM

Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Well what have you guys gotten so far?

I've picked up Portal 2 for $7.50

Today Batman AC is 50% off so might pick it up. Anyone get any good prizes? I've only gotten 3 coupons for games I don't like but some people are getting free games and stuff. Also at the end there's a huge drawing and someone wins every game on steam, as well as a ton of giveaways for a bunch of others.

mojoman0 12-21-11 12:32 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Huge giveaway


he Steam Holiday Sale is on now through Sunday, January 1, 2012. In addition to huge savings throughout the store, the 2011 sale features two special promotions that allow you to win like never before.

The Great Gift Pile challenges gamers to complete up to six objectives each day. Completion of each objective grants the chance to win a free game or discount coupons for select games available on Steam. If you don’t win, no worries, you’ll be given a piece of coal. But hold onto that coal!


Coal is the ticket to enter the Epic Holiday Giveaway. It’s called Epic because the top prize is every game on Steam. The more coal you have, the better your chance of winning. Players may alternatively choose to magically mix their coal into something shiny and new by “crafting” seven pieces into a gift from the Great Gift Pile. So this year receiving coal is a good thing.

Didn’t get what you want? Of course Steam allows you to trade coal and prizes with your friends.

Further details on these events and information on how it’s progressing may be found here.

Complete information on all the savings, daily deals, featured publisher game packs, compilations and more may be found on www.steampowered.com.

General Lee 12-21-11 01:02 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
If you want to see what you already got free, just go to the STEAM Store, and from there you can look at your inventory to see what you've already got free.

Everyone is getting at least two free things, whether it's coupons on games, free games, or Coal.

If you're not going to use your Coal, give it to me. I'll DEFINITELY take it off your hands. I'm trying to get seven pieces. :D

Redeemed 12-21-11 01:45 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Hmm... some titles I'm definitely interested in. Put them in my cart and now I'm at nearly $100. Suddenly they don't seem so interesting. :p :lol:

bob saget 12-21-11 02:22 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
if anyone wants 25% off valve game, i can give to you. some coal would be nice in return, or a coupon for further discount on batman.

mojoman0 12-21-11 02:32 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
just picked up Batman AC for $25, loved the first one

K007 12-21-11 02:50 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
batman ac is still $50USD for australians...lawl

jkmetal 12-21-11 04:03 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Decisions decisions, i ve already decided to get hard reset instead of bulletstorm, and knights of the old republic instead of mass effect 1/2. Now the choice is between rage, the witcher 2, batman arkham asylum. A little help?

Ghosthunter 12-21-11 04:04 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
I might get Batman..but I have no time to play it..LOL

Redeemed 12-21-11 04:35 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
There are no games that just strike me as "must haves". :(

jkmetal 12-21-11 05:44 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
I ve been holding off waiting for better daily deals to pop up.

Greedo 12-21-11 06:28 PM

Re: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
i'll have to get batman at half price. the first one was superb.

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