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cookiecaper 01-02-12 06:59 PM

Rome: Total War Gold Edition on Wine causes driver crash
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I attempted to run Rome: Total War Gold Edition through Steam on Wine 1.3.35 on a GeForce 6150SE on Linux 3.1.5 with blob 290.10. A black window appears but the game crashes immediately. There is only one item in the backtrace (which I didn't save, so this isn't exact): libgl-nvidia.so. I will get the exact backtrace later tonight.

This does NOT occur with nvidia 285.05.09. The game runs just fine (although a bit choppy, as you may expect from that hardware) with that version of the driver. This is a clear regression in the nvidia driver.

This does NOT affect all models, however. I can play Rome: Total War Gold Edition in the same version of Wine on a GTX285 running 290.10 without any trouble. It is only affecting the 6150SE.

Perhaps the 6150SE is supposed to running the legacy driver now? I haven't really kept up with that.

I have attached a nvidia-bug-report log run after the game crashed a handful of times, as I was attempting different tweaks to see if it would run with some settings changed (it didn't). For the record, these were glsl=disabled and installing native d3d9x DLLs instead of using WINE built-ins, and again, they had no effect. The game continued to crash.

cookiecaper 01-03-12 07:21 AM

Re: Rome: Total War Gold Edition on Wine causes driver crash
I can no longer reproduce the crash. It may be because I am using a different version of Wine now or it could be that since this was the first launch of RTWGE, the game was trying to do some initialization of configuration files that crashed everything. Since the target machine is not my personal machine, I was not able to conduct such invasive testing.

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