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zahed 08-28-03 08:09 AM

Need help for DNS Configuration
During the configuration of DNS Server I am facing some problem.
In the server i can resolve but in the private network i cant resovle.

From the private network pinging is ok but, using nslookup i got the unknown server.

When I checked reverse zone file of DNS, named ispsetup.com-rev in the server I found the following message
# named-checkzone ispsetup.com /var/named/ispsetup.com-rev

zone ispsetup.com/IN : journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone.

Please help me.

Kiamu 08-28-03 09:58 AM

which server are you using?

here is a link for bind:
there you should find README's, HOWTO's and FAQ's. and lots more...

an example for installing and a very simple config can be found here:

Moled 08-29-03 09:25 PM

in your private network have you put the address of your nameservers into your reslov.conf ?

if you you havn't they will try to use localhost which of course won't work

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