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Redeemed 01-11-12 02:22 PM

After market coolers for AMD's APUs...
So right now I'm only in the research stage but within the next few months I'll be building an APU-based computer for my best friend. A small bit on that...

He has four computers (desktops), all of which are used for gaming. By gaming I don't mean anything extreme like one of us would play. For the most part him, his two sons, and his wife play League of Legends together. Every once in a while they may play some SCII, C&C3, LotR:BFM and BFMII but primarily League of Legends. They may start playing SW:TOR soon. So compared to any one of us their gaming needs are very light. As such they have been using some very old computers to game on. I've built all of them. They used to all be s939 dual-core based, each with a single GeForce 7900GT, and one of the had a GeForce 7900GTX. I've slowly been upgrading the computers though and right now he only has one computer that is still using a s939 CPU, my old Opteron 185.

Well it is that Opteron 185 rig we'll be upgrading first. He wants to go with an APU due to it's extreme power efficiency relative to the performance it offers. Understand by far the most demanding task he'll use this computer for is gaming. Other wise it's checking the mail, maybe paying bills, etc. And when gaming it'll primarily be League of Legends. I'm sure some time down the line he'll find another game to play but that is likely a ways off.

I have tried to find comprehensive reviews of AMD's latest 3870K APU but those seem few and far between. So going entirely off of the specifications I can only assume that on it's own it'd be sufficient for his needs. However with AMD just launching the 7900s I'm certain future APU's with 7000 series GPUs are bound to be released in the near future.. Tahiti I believe is the codename. Ultimately he's holding out to see how those shape up.

Right now a 3870k with a Radeon HD6670 GPU would be considerably more computer than he needs. However if within a few months Trinity-based APUs are launched offering even greater performance for a comparable price it is worth the wait. So he wants to hold out till then. Worst-case scenerio is the Trinity APUs aren't what he's expecting so he'll pick up the 3870k and 6670 GPU.

My question, and likely this measure wont be necessary but it is something I am rather fond of. Cooling. I always strive to keep my own components as cool as possible, always using aftermarket cooling on the CPUs, ample fans to maintain good air flow, I do my best to have great cable management so as not to restrict air flow, etc.

So- are there any after market coolers for AMD's APUs- specifically socket FM1? I can't seem to find any on Newegg or frozen CPU. If not, I've done my best to inspect the HSF mounting assembly and it does seem a mounting base could be easily constructed to allow for most any modern cooler to work. However I'm still researching this concept. If I made my own mounting bracket I'd have to ensure a great many things are taken into account specifically that the HSF has proper contact to the APU- not too much pressure and not too little. I'd really rather not make my own mounting bracket however.

So, does anybody know of any good after market HSFs for AMD's FM1 based APUs? If so, any links would be greatly appreciated. :)

Roadhog 01-11-12 02:47 PM

Re: After market coolers for AMD's APUs...
Simple google search would have turned up that every AM2, AM2+, AM3 and AM3+ coolers are compatible with FM1...

Redeemed 01-11-12 02:53 PM

Re: After market coolers for AMD's APUs...

Originally Posted by Roadhog (Post 2519026)
Simple google search would have turned up that every AM2, AM2+, AM3 and AM3+ coolers are compatible with FM1...

Hmm... that explains why the HSF mounting bracket looked so familiar. :lol:

Thanks Roadhog. I hadn't thought to google if those coolers would be compatible I was much more specific, looking for FM1 aftermarket coolers.

Thanks again bro. :) Now to research which cooler would best suit his needs.

Gotta' say I'm *really* looking forward to building this computer for him. If it turns out to be everything he's expecting, and everything I'm thinking it'll be... I'm going to slowly upgrade all of his computers to APUs. But that is definitely quite a bit down the road. :lol:

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