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Technoholic 01-15-12 11:42 AM

New tower computer for my parents...
My parents are going to get tax refund money and will put it towards to new computer system.

I advised my dad to get the computer that has either i3 or i5. Their computer is going to be just majorly flash games and internet/email. That's all.

Their concern is, they want a new computer that can process better graphics than stuttering during the flash games on Facebook or downloadable flash games.

Do they need to have add-on graphic card or on-board video nowadays should be good?

They have Pentium 4 Gateway computer tower. And probably more than 5 years old now. They plan to buy from Best Buy or wherever with appropriate specs and price wise. Can be Newegg if possible.

I know all the hardwares and stuff, but I have been out of the computer gaming world for some time now. Look in my signature, that's how long ago I had the system like that.

frenchy2k1 01-17-12 01:28 PM

Re: New tower computer for my parents...
Laptop or Desktop?
Recently, the rule of thumb is that AMD has good integrated video and OK processors, while intel has great processors and OK integrated.
If flash games and email/websurf is the main usage, integrated is most probably enough (latest AMD integrated can play real games).

Any recent computer with multicore (even with integrated) will be a real step up from an old P4.

Technoholic 01-17-12 02:36 PM

Re: New tower computer for my parents...
Yeah, I thought so...because I realized at my University with their newer desktop computers processes better graphic and plays flash games just fine.

I plan on using my student discount for new Dell computers. So I will have no problem with integrated HD graphics?

ViN86 01-18-12 06:01 PM

Re: New tower computer for my parents...
You may be better going with an AMD Llanos chip. It has great integrated video, has more than enough power for typical computing, and has low power usage.

What's your budget? They have dual and quad core chips available for under $150.

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