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cricket 08-29-03 06:19 PM

call of duty demo
the "CALL OF DUTY" demo is supposed to be released tonight (8-29-03) at 9pm....oh boy, here comes some flooded servers. according to 3dgamers.com article first there was to be no demo, now 1 day later it is being released on many sites 2 days earlier than expected.
go to www.3dgamers.com and read the 2 articles dated yesterdays and today.

Red Dog 08-29-03 07:15 PM

8 minutes left on my dl, maxing out my connect at fileshack.

its also up at fileplanet and http://www.gamershell.com/

single player only.

174 mb.

play one level

cricket 08-29-03 07:57 PM

30 minutes left here...going around 30.0kb/sec...usually im downloading files at 200kb/sec...this better be worth the wait. they said 9.00pm est...i saw it posted around 8:30pm est, may have even been earlier but thats when i noticed it was posted on 3dgamers site. fileplanet is so jammed you cant even get to their homepage. oh well good luck all.


Red Dog 08-29-03 08:24 PM

overall its pretty cool and I will deff buy it.

very intense imo. I hope multi is that good.

the level seemed to go by fast though.

Ramshambo2001 08-29-03 08:58 PM

fileplanet is so flooded right now i can't even log in, my god what were they even thinking that they could host the demo all by themselves?

Sean P. 08-29-03 10:08 PM

A great demo IMO...

This is the first real title the public has seen in playable form which concentrates on the gaming environment as a whole. Although the graphics looked great, this title is all about re-creating the chaos of war...something it does extremely well.

Playing the demo reminded me of the night-infiltration course during Army Basic Training...Nothing like seeing tracers fly at night... :rw:

howard stern 08-29-03 10:32 PM

My thoughts on the demo
I downloaded the demo thinking if it was half as good as BF1942 I would be happy. Well I am very very happy, the graphics are Beautifull and stunning on a Radeon 9800 Pro. I also really like the audio, great sound effects. Best of all the game play is fantastic, very fluid. The only down side is setting up the controls. It has everything you want I just did not like the key assignments. I had to make many ajustments but thats it. On a 1-10 scale 10 being the best I give it a nine.

RAY16 08-30-03 12:15 AM

I thought it was good, seems like its gonna be better then MOHAA except for in the sound effects department. Ran smooth and looked great on my GeForce 3 at max detail, so thats a plus. I might get it when it comes out, but i'm not sure. I think I rather save my money for Halo and Half-Life 2 (Both of which i hear should be coming out in september).

cricket 08-30-03 12:25 AM

had to cancell out of my first download of the demo cause it was taking forever....played some enemy territory for awhile then...decided to try download again...waited 7 minutes for download to start from 3ddownloads.com..installed the game..set up my controls (which i only change a couple)..let graphics at highest details....started the mission on regular difficulty level.......AND THEN I WAS AMAZED AT HOW GOOD THIS GAME LOOKED..all the firing/shelling/parachuting/the moon....totally awesome!!!

if you see any weapons that are better than yours on the ground you can pick them up using the "F" key (use key)..i picked up a sniper riffle with a scope and it was real handy ..anyone pick this sniper riffle with scope up? (it is near the dead enemies body near wall in middle of mission)

i think they were bluffing about not releasing this demo, just to pysch everybody out...then we would want it even more.

I just checked EBGAMES STORE web site and they are saying release date for this is 11-04-03 and the price is $49.99 ( kinda high price )

Dazz 08-30-03 06:37 AM

WOW it's MOHAA but with beefed up gfx, and plays ALOT better :)
Awesome game i am buying thats for sure http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/images/icons/icon14.gif
Plays outstanding with everything on extra high @ 1024x768x32 on a Ti4400 :)

I just used the machine gun all the way though, you can use the scope on it but you can't move very fast but i use it alot when moving round courners :)

Hunter32 08-30-03 07:52 AM

I'm enjoying it, I'll get it when it comes out.

I'm use a Ti4400 set at 1280x1024.

volt 08-30-03 07:55 AM

Great demo, can't wait for the multiplayer though (allies vs axis, like ET).

Runs very smoothly at 1024 / 4xAA / 8xAF. I think it's one of those games that were coded properly :p

Definetly on my "buy list"

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