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trivium nate 01-17-12 10:13 AM

SR-2 build?
board x1-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188070
memory x2-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104163
cpu x2-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117244

I want to do a SR-2 build soon or so and is this stuff compatible?
would it blow away any game at any setting a 1920x1080 rez?
with my evga gtx 480 and this power supply?


would that power all of this? or recommend me a modular psu that would thanks,
i don't really like sli so id either stay with my 480 or get a 7970

new gpu-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127645

what do you think?would my case fit this board?

thanks guys help me out here

trivium nate 01-17-12 11:05 AM

Re: SR-2 build?

trivium nate 01-17-12 11:10 AM

Re: SR-2 build?
well my pc runs evrything maxed i just want something a little faster...

maybe i should add 4 more gbs of ram and an ssd


sucko_the_clown 01-17-12 02:43 PM

Re: SR-2 build?
trivium nate, just curious as to why you don't wait for the SR-X? It should be coming out real soon.



You get PCI-e 3.0 support and Xeon socket 2011 to boot.

trivium nate 01-17-12 02:45 PM

Re: SR-2 build?
idk figured its to much money and idk hes saying its not really for gaming so i figure just up my ram n grab an ssd maybe a 7970 down teh road

Maverick123w 01-23-12 08:31 AM

Re: SR-2 build?

Originally Posted by trivium nate (Post 2520567)
idk figured its to much money and idk hes saying its not really for gaming so i figure just up my ram n grab an ssd maybe a 7970 down teh road

That Phenom is probably going to choke a 7970 pretty badly.

trivium nate 01-23-12 08:34 AM

Re: SR-2 build?
that would sucks but im thinking maybe down the road ill do an asus rampage iv build :D

shadow001 02-09-12 01:44 PM

Re: SR-2 build?
Someone call my name?....Alright let's get down to business here..:)

What's your budget and be honest about it, since depending on wich Xeon's you pick(there are 4 core to 6 core Xeons that can be used), this can be relatively doable within a reasonable budget, all things considered, or a multithreaded insane asylum where both CPU's alone already set you back 3600$, without considering any other hardware costs at all.

The other large costs would be video cards( if using more than 1) and memory( if you want to use all 12 slots with some of the best memory out there) and the case itself, since these boards use the HPTX form factor, wich is actually larger than even E-ATX, and there's only a few cases that handle such boards by default, unless you're willing to modify another model to make it fit, wich might involve a lot of work depending on the case you start with.

As for the Classified SR-X, it depends on the Xeon version of sandy bridge E's eventually being released in march and then EVGA testing the board with them, developing the bios and like the SR-2, and to really max out it's potential in performance terms beyond what the SR-2 can already do, cheap it won't be....:p;)

shadow001 02-09-12 01:58 PM

Re: SR-2 build?

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2520506)
No that CPU is not compatible. You need a Dual Socket Xeon from the 5000 series.

And no, a platform like that doesn't help you for gaming. The SR-2's main purpose is to break benchmark records or build a highly threaded workstation if you're on a tight budget.

shadow uses one, he can tell you more.

That's a tricky question since they do overclock extremely well and support both liquid cooling and even have design features for those going towards even more extreme cooling methods, but yes gaming doesn't show their full abilities mainly because the game simply doesn't leverage all the CPU cores/threads(at least not yet), so it's not the hardware that's the problem here but patiently waiting for software to use what's there, and it's a process that will take years, but i built this setup for the long term haul anyhow.

My Xeons are buzzing along nicely at 4.2 Ghz for the past year( 6 core X5650's, stock is 2.67Ghz), under water cooling, so while sandy bridges do overclock higher still it isn't by a huge amount either, and to get an idea, here's a result from 3Dmark 11(performance setting) with the video cards at stock clocks(all 4 of them).


I'll easily bust 20K on the performance setting once the cards are water cooled and overclocked next week, so it's not the fastest in gaming, but it easily holds it's own....:D

shadow001 02-10-12 12:35 PM

Re: SR-2 build?

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2527567)
That's what I mean, the SR-2 is fine for benchmarking. But that's pretty pointless anyway, at least in my opinion. For gaming, there are smarter solutions out there.

True, as gaming software doesn't leverage all the hardware inside yet, but i keep it in perspective, since there was a time when dual core CPU's weren't any faster than single core ones, simply because the games weren't written to take advantage of that second core, or when the first 4 core CPU's were released, the same happended again and they were no faster than dual core processors for gaming.

Now we see it when going from 4 core to 6 core processors, where the latter are faster in applications where all 6 cores are leveraged, but gaming isn't one of them, even though it will eventually happen, so little old me with 12 cores onboard this system, you can say i'm a little too far ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming and seeing them being really used in that scenario anytime soon....:rofl

The upcoming Evga SR-X using socket 2011 sandy bridge-E's( the Xeon version), with all 8 cores enabled in each CPU is even more overkill for gaming, as when it's fully configured to it's max potential, that's 16 physical cores and 32 threads that can be handled so it takes the problem even higher when it comes to gaming where even more hardware isn't getting used anyhow.....It'll be awsome for benchmarking and using applications that leverage all that hardware, but gaming isn't one of them.

trivium nate 02-10-12 11:11 PM

Re: SR-2 build?
i'll never have the money for this meh maybe in ten years when everything is written to take full advantage of everything...

Roadhog 02-10-12 11:25 PM

Re: SR-2 build?

Originally Posted by trivium nate (Post 2527769)
i'll never have the money for this meh maybe in ten years when everything is written to take full advantage of everything...

So you made this thread to ask about a system you are going to buy 10 years from now? :headexplode:

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