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Phyre 01-20-12 01:05 PM

A Little Conundrum
I had one of my PC's on the network die a few days ago. The machine is well over 5 years old. Haven't had a chance to really look at it, but I think the power supply went out. It doesn't want to power up at all. I can troubleshoot this no problem (EE here); I just haven't had the time yet (SWTOR, SWTOR, and more SWTOR -- you know....).

There are some things I do need to get off the hard drives though. I say hard drives as they are in a RAID 0 array. I'm wondering if I can or if it is worth just getting a cheap NAS enclosure and popping the drives in there in order to get the information off them.

1. Is this possible to do with a RAID 0 array with existing information, i.e. going from one system to another without any stumbling blocks.

2. Depending on answer No. 1 (and also cost), would it just be better to get a cheap power supply and just install that booger?

Normally, I'd search this out but am at work and don't really have to time to do that today. :(

lduguay 01-20-12 03:15 PM

Re: A Little Conundrum
You will not able to put those drives in a NAS, and every controller has their way to do RAID 0. I am afraid you would need to rebuild your existing computer, or find a another box with the same specs.

Phyre 01-20-12 03:22 PM

Re: A Little Conundrum
That's what I'm seeing as well. I thought that this might be the case. Gonna look at finding a cheap power supply this weekend and installing it.

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