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Vanzagar 01-21-12 03:41 PM

Mouse without Borders
Pretty cool, works well for me so far:


bacon12 01-21-12 04:24 PM

Re: Mouse without Borders
No effects on gaming or mouse acceleration?

frenchy2k1 01-23-12 12:52 PM

Re: Mouse without Borders
I've been doing the same for years even across different OS using Synergy+

Much more useful for me as I use it with 2 windows (desktop+laptop) and 1 linux computers on the same desk (work setup). I could even run it on my solaris work station...

Great when you have multiple computers with multiple screens, easily avoids to switch keyboards.

ViN86 01-23-12 06:24 PM

Re: Mouse without Borders
Whoa, thanks guys. I'm going to check out Synergy+, then I can use my hackintosh and my desktop with the same setup. :D

williomshab123 02-16-12 12:45 AM

Re: Mouse without Borders
In a computer system there are most important hardware device is the mouse .In which we are learn a lot of thing by which we can access from the computer system easily.

XDanger 04-01-13 06:59 AM

Re: Mouse without Borders
does synergy+ let you drag and drop files from one pc to the other?

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