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Quick420 01-22-12 08:33 PM

Galaxy gtx560ti hitting 95c
I've only my 560 about a week or so,and I have begun to notice some really high temps while playing skyrim.With my 8800gt sli temps would never go above 80c while playing.With this card it is reaching 95c very quickly,if I do not exit the game it will freeze my machine.This is the card with the twin 90mm fans too! Is the card faulty? I have an aluminum case with 2-80mm fans at the front and two 80mm exhaust fans at the rear.I cant even play the damn game for more than 5mins.What do you other 5x owners think?:(

EDIT:I just swapped the cards in the pci-e slots so that the 8800 is on top now,while the 560 is on the bottom.Before they 560 was 'breathing off the back of the 8800 probably causing a small heat issue.The 560 still has a card ajacent to it though,although it's my X-fi and doesnt give off near the heat.I noticed my idle temp is now 28c .........holy frig :-) I'll try some skyrim and post back,maybe it was just horrible card placement.

EDIT:That's what it was,bad placement.I just installed Crysis(with rygels texture pack and ccc2.21,very high)most of the time the gpu is above 90% and it is not breaking 75c now.BTW I also pulled the heatsink and added AS5 liberally,that probably helped a bit too.I dont understand why these companies refuse to use quality thermal paste.You'd think with the sheer amount of gpu's sold should warrant a deal with a thermal paste company?

BioHazZarD 01-24-12 09:39 AM

Re: Galaxy gtx560ti hitting 95c
Load up msi afterburner so you can monitor temps and increase the fan speed that usually solves all temp problems.

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