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Quick420 01-24-12 07:05 PM

When rebooting nothing shows on screen until login win7
When rebooting nothing shows on screen until login win7,this is with my 560.If I connect my 8800 to the monitor and reboot it show the usual bios,detecting drives etc.Has anyone ever encountered this? I didnt make any system changes at all,very frustrating to say the least.I cant see my O/S selection screen anymore.I tried dvi as well as hdmi neither work.I looked on google but didnt see anything related.:(

EDIT:Still searching for a reason for this problem,it's weird because it was working fine since my other post about having heat issues of 95c.I rolled backed to my earliest restore point and it still will only show the bios etc screen if monitor is connected to my 8800 which is in slot 1,the 560 is in slot 2.It worked for many a reboot........maybe a windows update did something but rolling back should have fixed that.For now I've got my 8800 hooked up to a separate lcd so I can see my boot options.Not a fix more of a workaround.Damn you Microsoft.ppfft

EDIT2:ran sys /scannow and it found errors it could not fix.I guess I'll have to try a repair?

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